BluChristmas 46#: Super (2010)


With interest in superhero movies at an all time high, many studios have begun fighting for the hottest properties. Everyone’s heard of Batman, Spider-Man and by now, even Thor, but one name that never seems to be mentioned is the Crimson Bolt. This is of course part of the charm of James Gunn’s deliciously deluded superhero send-up Super.

Following the trials of lonely sad-sack Frank and his colourful alter-ego (the aforementioned Crimson Bolt) Super hones in on the grittier and more realistic side of vigilante justice.

Comparisons to more popular films (namely Kick-Ass) have sadly weakened Super’s reputation thus far, but this doesn’t stop it from being an honest, outspoken and overtly unique piece of comedic drama.

Packed with pitch-black laughs, extreme violence and endlessly quotable lines, Gunn’s film truly goes beyond the spandex, flashing its morally dark heart shamelessly. Super is an unforgivingly real and unusual gem that boldly sits out of the limelight, but is well worth seeking out. Just make sure you have a strong stomach.

Super (2010), directed by James Gunn, is released on Blu-ray disc and DVD by G2 Pictures, Certificate 18. 


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