Blu-ray Review: Ant-Man


Ant-Man is a fun and explosive film that is guaranteed to provide excitement and laughs, while maintaining a strong depiction of the marvel superhero.

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Rarely has a film managed to blend fantastic action, spectacular CGI, and light comedy, all within a film that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Ant-Man tells the story of a cat-burglar and disgraced father Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) who is looking for redemption, and a once-leading scientist Dr Hank Pym (Michael Douglas) looking to bring down a sinister operation.

Paul Rudd gives a very likeable performance throughout the film, with an equally pleasing one from Michael Douglas, and Michael Pena providing some subtle comic relief. Rudd gives the role a genuine feel, and presents Scott Lang to be a very relatable hero, one that is particularly refreshing after seeing countless superhero films with impossibly heroic male leads. The theme of the underdog rising up, in effect the “small guy” winning for a change, is perhaps covered a little too vaguely in this film, one that was perfect for a film about a tiny superhero.

While it may not be able to compete with the amount of superhero giants such as The Avengers,  Ant-Man has some brilliant tongue in cheek humour aimed at cliché films, particularly with most viewers realising how most superhero films follow the same plot. Ant Man embraces this generic superhero plot, meanwhile poking fun at the genre, resulting in a refreshing and thoroughly enjoyable film, with a teaser ending that will leave fans of the Marvel universe ecstatic about films to come.

Ant-Man (2015), directed by Peyton Reed is released in the UK on DVD and Blu-ray by Walt Disney Studios. Certificate 12. 


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