Blu-Ray Review: Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2


It's Mary Poppins y'all!

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Guardians of the Galaxy was Marvel’s greatest gamble, and yet Gunn’s masterpiece broke box office records.

Fast forward three years and not much has changed. Gunn’s writing and direction is just as awesome and his excellent taste in music shines through as the exquisite backdrop to thrilling set pieces and emotional monologues.

The Guardians are still together but this time, instead of looting temples they’re profiteering on their reputation, protecting planets from intergalactic threats for a modest fee. One such venture leads to one of the most memorable opening sequences of all-time as baby Groot jigs and slides to ELO’s hit ‘Mr. Blue Sky’ while the adults battle a giant cosmic squid.

Vol. 2 brings back the humour and brilliant, blazing colour palette, but there’s a distinct shift in tone – the theme of family underpinning this second, more sentimental adventure. This in no way lessens the fun and thrills, rather enhancing them as the Guardians’ love makes for emotional conflicts.

Whereas the first film brought the Guardians together, Vol. 2 sees our intrepid heroes separated, giving each character space to breath and room to grow in an otherwise crowded movie, making room for brilliant new additions Ego and the too-adorable-for-words Mantis.

As Disney’s first ever 4K Ultra HD release (the format preference of James Gunn), loaded with tonnes of bonus features including all five post-credit stings, a music video featuring David Hasselhoff, and a hilarious gag reel, this is a home release you won’t want to miss.

Guardians of the Galaxy vol.2 is released on Blu-Ray and DVD via Disney Studios on the 22nd August 2017.


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