Film round-up: 23/06/2014 – 29/06/2014


It’s Monday again, the sun shines on Southampton, and yet the Monday feeling resides. The Edge has some good films to cheer you up, though! Have a look at what’s on this week: it involves sports, musicals, and some poor July weather. 

Ghosts – West End Theatre Series hits UK cinema for one night exclusively on Tuesday. Part of the latest trend broadcasting London’s opera and theatre performances on big screens throughout the country, this is a great occasion to experience both film and theatre in a different way. Helene Alving is about to open an orphanage in memorial to her late husband, who died 10 years ago. Her son, a bohemian painter living in Paris, return for the occasion. The reunion leads to the revelation of deep secrets, leading the play to explore the consequences of buried secrets and family lies. Staged by Richard Eyre, Ghosts in cinemas comes with HD viewing and was recorded at Trafalgar Studios during the limited West End season. 

A Haunted House 2  is our horror release of the week. Sequel to the A Haunted House (2013), the film follows Malcom getting a fresh start with his new girlfriend now that he exorcised the demons of his ex. The lovers decide to move in together, but things are not as ideal as they should be. A film to make you rethink September housing plans. 

Chef, to be released on Friday, sees the return of Scarlett Johansson and Robert Downey Jr. in cinemas. The film simply relates the story of a chef starting up a food trunk after he loses his job in a restaurant. The comedy is directed by Jon Favreau, previously in charge of Iron Man and Iron Man 2.

Cold in July promises to be a dark thriller, on the drama genre edge, to cool you down from this crisp 25 degrees heating Southampton. Lies and violence are on the menu when a protective father meets a murderous ex-con. Their relationship leads to intense internal confrontation, and an unpredictable life turnover. 

Ek Villain, an Indian film in between romance and action genres, hits UK screens this week. When his lover becomes the victim of a serial killer, Guru seek his revenge. Questioning, murders, and passion made in Bollywood. 

Keeping Rosy keeps this week’s releases in a dramatic thriller tone. Charlotte desperately wants to be part of the media agency she has devoted herself to. The film takes a sudden turn when her life falls apart. Here again, the character will be discovering a lot more about herself, whilst trying to avoid the danger that comes across her path.

mistakenforstrangers_main-620x349Mistaken for Strangers is our Dogwoof release this week. Tom Berninger, the director, relates his time spent on the road with The National, the rock & roll band led by his brother, Matt. The documentary, which brings together music and comedy genres, completely follows the latest trend of rock & roll musical biopics. However, it seems to leave aside their romanticized fiction that can sometimes get in the way of the overall narration. 

Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Movie brings the famous Mrs. Brown’s Boys on big screens. In the film, Mrs Brown fights against the closure of her fruit and veg stall. Yes, the synopsis is a sentence long. Best or worst release this week?

The Return To Homs, our second documentary to be released on Friday, certainly has a different tone to the first one. Filmed over 3 years in Homs, Syria, the camera follows Basset, a 19 year-old national football player and Ossama, 24 year-old journalist and pacifist and their involvement with the revolution. The documentary aims at being a story of a city whilst focusing on the impacts of war on the youth of this country. 

Secret Sharer brings China to our screens this week. An unexperienced captain sails his rusty cargo on the South China Sea. The film follows his adventure between a crew with serious trusting issues and a woman who would apparently be in distress. 

Seve relates the story of Seve Ballesteros and his ascension as the most spectacular and charismatic golfer. Tired of the World Cup? This film might be for you. 

Under the Rainbow signs the director debut of French Actress Agnès Jaoui. Laura is in quest of the Prince Charming. In between Sandro, Maxime and their respective issues, the perspective of a wedding seems miles away… and yet, it is said that they will all live happily ever after, in the end. 

Walking On Sunshine closes this week’s releases. Bringing the popular music of the 80s, the film is set in Italy in present day Italy and follows Maddie in her wedding preparation to a the gorgeous Raf. The synopsis sounds familiar? You probably will want to see this one if you loved Mamma Mia! (2008).


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