Film Round-Up: 14/07/14 – 20/07/14


Apes, jealousy, a four-hour long film, this week’s releases are thoroughly exciting! As we have been doing for the last couple of months, here are the films you will be finding in UK cinemas by Friday, latest.

Dawn Of The Planet of The Apes finally sees the return of Caesar on big screens. Probably one of the most awaited sequel of the year, the film is directed by Matt Reeves this time (Cloverfield); it is still starring Andy Serkis as the lead Ape and adds Jason Clarke and Gary Oldman to its cast. As it is the case throughout the series, the film follows genetically evolved apes, and relates their relationship with what is left of mankind. Set a decade after Rise of the Planet of the Apes, the film brings to cinemas the war that will influence the future of the Earth and its organisation of dominant species.

Finding Vivian Maier is a documentary focusing on Vivian Maier, a nanny talented at photography whose art has been discovered after her death. The picture is a debut film fitting the old auteur tradition. John Maloof not only directed and wrote the documentary, but he was also in charge of the cinematography whilst being the producer. There are no doubts that the final product is a faithful reflection of Maloof’s original idea, which is probably a rarity in the film industry nowadays.

Grand Central stars A Prophet‘s lead actor Tahar Rahim alongside Léa Seydoux in a 94 minute-long drama. Gary is working in a nuclear power plant in the Rhone valley in France. As his position within the plant evolves, Gary discovers that radiation contamination is a daily hazard. Meanwhile, he starts an affair with Karole, his supervisor’s fiancée.

I Am Divine narrates the story of Divine (Harris Glenn Milstead) and its role of a cinematic muse and international drag icon. After a tour through many film festivals and VOD releases throughout the world, the film is finally hitting UK cinemas on a wider scale.

Jealousy is probably the French film you want to see this month, especially if you cherish the French New Wave. The film is directed by Philippe Garrell, director par excellence of the movement and stars his son Louis Garrel as well as the astonishing Anna Mouglalis, who sees her career taking a new start with this release. Louis is an actor who is torn in between the women in his life, especially when the woman he loves goes and sees other men.

Norte, The End of History is a four hour and ten minutes drama coming directly from the Philippines. If its length doesn’t scare you, you will be facing the story of a law student who commits a brutal double murder, but lets another man take the fall. Meanwhile, a mother and her two children are looking for redemption.

Pudsey The Dog: The Movie completely changes the tone of this week’s releases. As the title suggest, the feature film relates the adventure of Pudsey the dog and the three siblings Molly, George and Tommy. When they lose their father, the family and Pudsey move to a new house, but Pudsey misses his life as a lone ranger. Will Pudsey be able to return to a calm and lonely life?

Supermensch: The Legend Of Shep Gordon is our third and final documentary release this week. It follows Shep Gordon, the Hollywood insider, who randomly began a career as an artist manager straight after college.


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