Film round-up: 21/07/2014 – 27/07/2014


This week sees the return of Nicholas Cage, Dwayne Johnson as Hercules and the début film of Jorge Dorado who has previously worked for the likes of Pedro Almodóvar. Thus, regardless of your interests, The Edge‘s film round-up has a fitting film for anyone who needs to escape this oppressive weather.

Believe is there for the nostalgics of the World Cup! A young and gifted soccer is spotted by Matt Busby who used to be a coach for Manchester United. Although the little one is in trouble for an important crime, the man comes out of retirement to help him.

Earth To Echo is a 89 minute Sci-Fi release that will fit perfectly for a family screening. The story follows a group of kids and their adventure with an alien who needs their help. The extraterrestrial’s design echoes to Disney’s Eve (Wall-E) and the narration obviously mirror’s Spielberg’s popular feature; will Earth to Echo live-up to both of these high standards?

Galapagos Affair: Satan Came to Eden is one of our documentary releases this week. Presented at Berlin earlier on this year, the film investigates a series of unsolved disappearance on the Galapagos Island of Floreana in the 1930s. Cate Blanchett and Diane Kruger are two of the many voices the documentary uses to narrate its story.

Hercules follows the summer blockbuster release in style. After the return of our favourite Ape last week, it is time to renew with the millennium-old myth, starring twelve labours, a demigod, and lots of muscle.

The House of Magic continues in the vein of the perfect-for-family-screenings releases. Thunder, a cute little ginger cat, is trying to find shelter from a storm. He enters a very strange house, owned by an old magician that has quite a few gizmos in his manor. The film has a pretty appealing animation, and uses the voices of Emily Blunt and Ewan McGregor.

Joe sees the return of Nicolas Cage on screens. David Gordon Green steps away from his previous comedies Prince Avalanche and the Sitter for a full-on drama this time. The film focuses on an ex-con and a 15-year-old boy and their evolution of their relationship. Will the man choose redemption or ruin?

Kick follows a man who has a very different lifestyle. Trying to find pleasure in his work, he has decided to become a thief. Whilst very little is available on the film, the cast see someone as the “devil” and a man with a double identity, curious much?

Mindscape is the first feature-film of Spanish director Jorge Dorado. A psychic takes on the case of a sixteen-year-old girl to figure out weather she is a victim or a sociopath. Dorado worked with Guillermo del Toro on The Devil’s Backbone and Pedro Almodóvar on Talk To Her and A Bad Education. That should certainly make an extensive background for a promising debut.

Northwest is a Danish film directed by Michael Noer, focusing on an 18 year-old Caspar that conducts break-ins for Jamal, before developing and working for a bigger player. As a result of this desertion and betrayal, Jamal’s gang seek revenge and before Caspar knows it, he is fighting in a battle bigger than ever.

The Purge: Arnarchy is the sequel to 2013’s The Purge and centres around a young couple who attempt to survive on the streets after their car runs out of gas as the annual purge commences; a 24-hour period where all crime is legal. The action-thriller is directed and written by James DeMonaco.

Smart Ass is a comedy-drama written and directed by Kim Chapiron. The film follows three academic students as they try to apply their intellect to their sex lives. It is the ideal film to see as a light release from England’s muggy heat.

Who Is Dayani Cristal? looks at the discovering of an anonymous body found in the Arizona desert which leads to the search for identity and the meaning of an enigmatic tattoo. The 85 minute-long documentary is released on Friday.


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