Film round-up: 25/08/14 – 31/08/14


The Summer is at an end, which the weather certainly makes clear. For a nice change of scenery, get out of the cosiness of your home and hide away in the darkness of cinema screens; picture houses have popcorns and a whole new bunch of film releases to make you forget the gloominess of the outside world.

Let’s Be Cops starts our week film releases on a comedy note. Two friends dress as police officers for a costume party. As the old prank goes, they soon become the attraction of the neighbourhood and get trapped into a real-life police situation.

As Above, So Below completely changes the tone. Set in Paris, France, the film explores the catacomb of the old city and the dark secret that lie underneath the streets of the French capital.

The Grand Seduction, despite its title, is not a romantic comedy. The little town of Tickle Cove desperately needs a doctor so they can open a factory and keep the economy of the small harbour running. Murray French (Brendan Gleeson) finds Dr Paul Lewis (Taylor Kitsch) and the whole village starts to seduce him to stay permanently.

The Guvnors is defined as a violent thriller. Set in South East London, the film focuses on the clans and firms of the East side of the capital.

If I Stay narrates the story of Mia Hall who fell into coma after a car accident. If she wakes up, her life would be far more different. Will she choose to do so? Starring Chloë Grace Moretz as the main character, the film is R.J. Cutler’s (Nashville) directing debut onto the big screens.

The Internet’s Own Boy: The Story Of Aaron Swartz is a biographical documentary focusing on Aaron Swartz, a programming genius and information activist who committed suicide at 26. The name might sound unfamiliar but his work on the internet certainly doesn’t; Swartz co-founded Reddit and helped in the development of the basic internet protocol RSS.

The Keeper Of Lost Causes, Danish thriller directed by Mikkel Nørgaard, focuses on Carl Mørk, a police inspector who finds himself in charge of the cold case department. With his assistant, Assad, they start looking into a case about the disappearance of a woman.

Million Dollar Arm is the latest Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures. The film stars Jon Hamm (Mad Men‘s decadent Donald Draper) as a sport agent who unconventionally hires Indian cricket players to play the Major League Baseball.

Mystery Road displays cowboy hats and guns for a two-hour crime, mystery and thriller film. The story looks rather conventional: a detective comes back to the Outback and investigates the murder of a young girl.

Night Moves brings Jesse Eisenberg and Dakota Fanning onto the big screens. With Peter Sarsgaard, they play three radical environmentalists plotting towards the explosion of a hydroelectric dam.

Obvious Child finishes this week’s releases on a female director début. Gillian Robespierre expanded her homonymous short onto an hour and a half-long feature. The film narrates the story of Donna Stern, a twenty-something comedienne who has to face the realities of independent womanhood when she discovers her pregnancy.



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