A Hollywood feature film searches for paid extras at University of Southampton


Next week SUSU will become the location for a casting call seeking paid extras for a Hollywood blockbuster.

The film will be shot in the Southampton area in early November 2014 and looks to be an incredible opportunity for Southampton students and residents alike. UK based 2020 Casting could just be the key to the next Southampton star.

The casting will be held in The Cube on Tuesday 21st October between 12 and 2pm, so if you want to be able to see the back of your head, arm, back or maybe your face in the background of a huge feature film this may just be your chance. For all those aspiring actors or even just those who want an inside look into the film industry, this is a perfect chance.

2020 Casting have previously supplied extras for many big box office hits and television such as World War Z, The Dark Knight Rises, The Hollow Crown: Henry IV Part 1 & 2, Bel Ami, X-Men: First Class, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides and most recently Dracula Untold.

If you can be free for several days in November and you are legally allowed to work in the UK, then simply come along to The Cube at the bottom of the Student’s Union.

See full details below.



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