Venue in Focus: O2 Guildhall Southampton


The O2 Guildhall in Southampton has been home to hundreds of amazing acts over the years, and is described as the largest multipurpose entertainment venue in the South. Previously, it has housed the likes of The Killers, Pink Floyd and the late Amy Winehouse.

Built in 1973, it was first opened by the 17th Earl of Derby and is now part of a Grade 2 listed building. The 70’s were captivated by that angst-y anti-establishment movement, which was perfectly reflected through the musical genre of Rock that was popular at the time. For this reason, the opening of the Guildhall was perfectly timed, providing a platform for the now incredibly renowned artists such as The Rolling Stones and David Bowie.

The venue was refurbished in 1989 and taken over by LiveNation in 2003. A few years after, in 2006, it won Venue of the Year award, which came as no surprise to its loyal fanbase. In 2012, LiveNation formed a collaboration with the O2, to which the venue now owes its name.

The intimate feel of the Guildhall is arguably one of its many stellar selling points, alongside its location; surrounded by numerous incredible bars and restaurants, including the Caribbean fusion that is Turtle Bay  (not forgetting the newly opened Nandos for those of you remaining firmly in your comfort zone) and increasingly popular pizza and cider sensation The Stable. The Guildhall is situated in the centre of Guildhall Square, well known for its skate culture (as if you needed another reason to get in touch with the edgier and more artistic sides of yourselves). While surrounded by these amazing restaurants and art spots, it’s fairly easy to forget that the Guildhall is also home to Southampton’s civic centre and enormously resourced public library, whilst managing to host a capacity of 1749 people and be approximately 10 minutes from Southampton Central train station. Talk about multi-tasking, eh?

Soon to be on tour at Southampton’s favourite live venue, The Kooks (December 15th), The Overtones (December 19th) and one of the most prestigious events in rock history: the NME Awards Tour 2016 (January 30th). If none of those take your fancy, feel free to laugh along to the distinctive voice of comedy royalty Katherine Ryan (February 5th)- probably because she’ll happily call you out if you don’t – or enjoy the incredibly soulful, albeit massively overdue, comeback of a Mr James Morrison (March 17th).

Whether you’re looking for a wild night out of live music and drinks, or a quieter intimate setting followed by a candlelit dinner, the Guildhall is the place for you.



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