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This month, TMILLA comes to you from a slightly frazzled and stressed live editor as, not only have deadlines started to kick in, but Edgetival is THIS WEEK. Months of preparation, emails, and interest from Peter Doherty have led up to an exciting night of three wonderful bands, and I’m so excited for it. There’s also a lot of other cool stuff going on this month, but Edgetival is obviously the coolest. Special mentions this month go to Edgetival (obviously), and the sold out Laura Marling, whose Semper Femina is such a beautiful take on womanhood, and dodie, a singer-songwriter with a ukulele who sold out her Bush Hall London show in literal minutes.

Who? Plastic Barricades+Music and Medicine+Castafiore at Edgetival!
Where? The Talking Heads, Southampton
When? March 2nd
Why? All of these bands are so fantastic and we’re all so excited for Edgetival to finally be here. The pun-intended night will see music from three up and coming bands that we wholly recommend you check out. Tickets are £3 and available from anyone on committee! Plastic Barricades are a groovy alt indie rock London-based band, Music and Medicine are rockers from Southampton, and headliners Castafiore are local ‘psychedelic stoner rock’. Event here!

Who? Jerry Williams
Where? Wedgewood Rooms, Portsmouth
When? March 4th
Why? We’ve been longtime supporters of Portsmouth local Jerry Williams here in Southampton, because she’s just fantastic. She’s an indie pop singer/songwriter whose influences range from Johnny Cash to Vampire Weekend. She’s been writing music since she was 12, she played her first gig at 17, and last year she won ‘Best Produced Release’ at The Unsigned Music Awards for her third EP, Let’s Just Forget It, and she’s only 21. Definitely go and see her if you get the chance! Tickets here.

Who? Gaz Broofield
The Winchester Gate, Salisbury
March 11th
Okay remember literally last month when I said he’s played over 1,000 gigs and between 2013 and 2014 played at over 50 festivals? He’s back! I might actually be able to see him this time! The lovely thing about this Bristolian acoustic musician who spends most of his time touring is… well, he spends most of his time touring so you can always see him. The venue is great, he’s great, go and see him!

Who? Dutch Uncles
Where? Talking Heads, Southampton
When? March 12th
Why? Indie pop band Dutch Uncles have, ironically, listed Talking Heads as one of their musical influences so it can’t be by chance that they’re playing in The Polygon. Their latest album Big Balloon came out on February 17th and got four stars when reviewed for us – they’re messy, and a bit strange, but it somehow works. They’re fantastic live, and definitely one to see this month even if you see nobody else. Tickets available here!

Who? Goldie Lookin Chain
Where? Mr Kyps, Poole
When? March 18th
Why? Goldie Lookin Chain are a Welsh, comedy, rap band, if you can get your head around that. They satirise hip hop and chavs, they swear a lot, members include people with names like Eggsy and Graham the Bear. They dedicated their song ‘Your Missus is a Nutter’ to Victoria Beckham and actually sang it at David Beckham at the World Cup qualifying match against England at Cardiff’s Millenial Stadium, which got them a telling off in the Newport mayor’s office – because of that, and because apparently he didn’t like their Safe As Fuck album title. If you’re brave enough to go to Poole and experience this, tickets are here.

Who? The Hoosiers for Beating Heart 2017
Where? Portsmouth Guildhall
When? March 18th
Why? We REALLY love The Hoosiers at The Edge – they were part of our Edge Sessions last year in collaboration with SUSUtv. Formed in 2007 with a ridiculously successful debut, The Trick To Life, they’re the ones who sang ‘Worried About Ray’ and ‘Goodbye Mr A’, the songs that were everywhere that year. Is there any band who are more of an iconic school disco throwback? They’re delightful, go and see them!



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