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I’m fully enjoying gig season – last month I went to a gig approximately every other day and I’m fully ready to keep that up this month. I’ve got my gig necessities down, actually – earplugs, phone, money, dictaphone, business cards – and all I need now is a funky bumbag to keep them in. There are a whole range of gigs this month, from the beautiful Wolf Alice to The Cuban Brothers – I guarantee, there’s something for everyone this month. So, without further ado…

Who? Itch from The King Blues
When? November 6th
Where? The Joiners, Southampton
Why? Frontman of this punk rock, political band will be in one of Southampton’s best venues bringing his self-described “rebel street music” to us. The band are all about protest and making a change, be it through their music, writing, or practical and physical methods of making change – in 2016 they had a food drive on their tour to collect food for local soup kitchens. Despite their 2012 break up and reformation, their music since then has consistently gone down well, with the video for the title track of their comeback record Off with Their Heads getting over 250,000 on its release day. Which is impressive, considering the video was banned by Facebook for the artwork. Their first full-length album since 2012 went to number 1 on the cassette chart, top 20 in the vinyl chart and reached the top 40 on the album chart. That, and their 2008 Save the World. Get the Girl album is one of six albums in my mum’s car (the others being The Skints, Seán McGowan and The Front Bottoms) and I think that says a lot about how good they are, and how fantastic Itch will be. Tickets available here!

Who? Chelou
When? November 18th
Where? Heartbreakers, Southampton
Why? There really isn’t a lot of information about London-born Chelou. His first song, ‘Reverse’, came out on SoundCloud in December 2014, and since then his dreamy sound has been on his February 2014 EP The Quiet, and his 2015 EP Mothership. With a single out this year titled ‘Damned Eye See’, it seems like we’re due another EP/LP/compilation of lovely music. He’s very quiet online (fitting, considering his name means suspicious or shady in English) as he wants his music to be the focus, but at least we know from the aforementioned single that if we give him a biscuit he will fetch us a bone, or something. He’s just got very nice music and I highly recommend checking him out, at the equally dreamy and new Heartbreakers. Tickets here!

Who? The Cuban Brothers
When? November 18th
Where? The Loft, Southampton
Why? If chilled out guitars and vocals aren’t your thing, maybe you want to check out The Cuban Brothers at The Loft that night instead. I really don’t feel there’s anything I can add to the description of them on their website, however: “The Cuban brothers are entertainment personified. They will make you laugh, sing along, cry with joy, wet your pants and shake your booty.” They might even wear nothing but g-strings like they did at Bestival. What more could you want? Buy your tickets here for a night of pants wetting and booty shaking.

Who? Wolf Alice
When? November 21st
Where? O2 Guildhall, Southampton
Why? We’ve been covering our freshers’ issue cover stars since 2013, and since then our love for Ellie Rowsell’s ethereal sound has only grown, especially since the release their gorgeous Visions Of A Life album. Their shock comeback single ‘Yuk Foo‘ was loved by us, and their follow up single ‘Don’t Delete The Kisses’ went down pretty well as well – I don’t think there’s been a day since their Jools Holland performance of it that I haven’t listened to it. In an interview we did with them for our freshers’ issue, Rowsell said “I don’t like one particular style, so I want to try them all… I don’t think about it too much – it’s more that it keeps it more fun for me”. If you get a chance to pick up tickets for them, I highly recommend it – available here.

Who? Billy Bragg
When? November 21st
Where? The Brook, Southampton
Why? If you’d rather see local singer-songwriter Seán McGowan supporting Billy Bragg that night, I would highly recommend it because I’ve already seen him four times this year and I’m still a little bit in love with him. He was impressive in June with Tom Clarke and lovely to talk to at the bar afterwards, the highlight of Sunday at Bestival, and lovely to see and talk to again at his biggest ever headline show in September. I can’t think of a more appropriate support for Billy Bragg than McGowan, one of the most well-known protest singers and ridiculously talented to boot. Bragg is a prominent activist, mixing folk, punk and protest together to make political songs focused on making change and activism. I highly recommend going to check them out – tickets here.

Who? Lucy Rose
When? November 24th
Where? Engine Rooms, Southampton
Why? Instead of studying Geography at UCL, Lucy Rose decided to perform with other musicians. As a result, she met Bombay Bicycle Club frontman Jack Steadman, and they began collaborating on songs he had written, as well as Rose lending her vocals to A Different Kind of Fix and So Long, See You Tomorrow. Outside of backing vocals she’s a stunning vocalist in her own right, with a delightfully poppy folk sound feeling increasingly developed with every snippet of music she releases. She also really loves tea, and has sold her own blend, ‘Builder Grey’ at shows (two parts English Breakfast to one part Earl Grey). If you want to be at a lovely, chilled out gig for a change of pace, tickets are available here.

Who? Wild Front
Where? The Joiners, Southampton
When? November 24th
Why? Their final night of residency at The Joiners will undoubtedly result in me reviewing them again, continuing to single-handedly fill up their tagged page with words gushing over how great they are. This is also their third appearance in TMILLA! With a very eighties vibe to their music and some gorgeous harmonies, this local band are also lovely people – and big houmous lovers to boot. They all have very different musical influences which contribute to their remarkably unique sound, from folk and classical music to hip hop and indie. Information and ticket links here!









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