Preview: Three Days Grace (What a Grunge to be Alive!)


As an ex-emo, I cannot deny the excitement that pulses through my veins at the idea that Three Days Grace will be blessing the south coast with their music this autumn.

When I think about them, I remember my sister listening to them and us bonding over their music. Whilst I was only four, their music had the ability to strengthen my relationship with my sister of ten years older than myself. To me, Three Days Grace mark a staple in my own life, but also in my identity; with songs like ‘Animal I have Become’, they captured and expressed how I felt as a teenager and I cannot wait to hear live.

It shall be refreshing to hear Matt Walst take on and own the songs that were once associated with ex-frontman, Adam Gontier’s; the inner emo will lap-up every banger they play. Likewise, it’s exciting to see the band’s progression from the album Three Days Grace to Outsider as they have gone from strength to strength. Furthermore, with recent tunes such as ‘The Mountain’ and ‘Infra-Red’, it’s no wonder they reached No. 1 on the Billboard’s Mainstream Rock Songs chart, making history with the most No. 1 rock singles in the process! They are just an all-round great band, who are able to capture your feelings and express them better than yourself.

While I am really buzzing for Three Days Grace, their warm up act Bad Wolves are also worth watching! I could not imagine a better fit that Bad Wolves for this tour.

Three Days Grace will be performing at the Pyramid Centre, Portsmouth on the 1st of October. Watch the music video for their 2006 hit ‘Animal I Have Become’ below:


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