Closer to the Edge: Our Live Music Christmas Wishes


Christmas is a time when people’s wishes come true, right? Especially when they’re laid bare for people to read under the flimsy pretence that it’s Christmas. The Edge writers throw caution to the wind and (hopefully) make their live music hopes and dreams come true.

Lindsey Stirling

I’ve been a fan of Lindsey Stirling‘s music for a while now, since I first heard ‘Elements’ in 2012 – a stunning piece from her first album that was released the same year. After gaining recognition on America’s Got Talent and reaching its quarterfinals, she has now released 4 studio albums, an autobiography, and was the runner-up in Dancing With the Stars‘ 25th series in 2017.

Her music has taken the traditional violin performance and added a more modern twist, with ‘Master of Tides’ not sounding out of place in a pirate movie, and ‘Crystallize’- her first on Youtube to pass 1 billion views – incorporating a slight dubstep backing.

While she has performed in the UK before, I have not had the opportunity to attend, and if I had the opportunity to see her songs performed live I would jump at it. Her energy and enthusiasm for her career would definitely make a live performance awe-inspiring. There are some songs that must sound amazing live, although if I had to pick one that I would love to hear: ‘The Arena’ from her 2016 album Brave Enough.

The Cure

As the season of Christmas wishes approaches, seeing a few more UK dates from The Cure comes at the top of my list.  While fans rejoice to see their live return in an abundance of festivals next year, purchasing tickets becomes a battle of who can hold out the longest in an online queue, scrabbling for entry to the chosen festivals lucky enough to host such an iconic group.  Not wanting to take for granted their triumphant return to the stage, I persevere, and with every city they announce I’ll keep on pricing flights.

Ben Kweller

So, I’ve already had one wish come true, with singer/songwriter Ben Kweller announcing a new album in early 2019, but do I feel a bit cheeky asking for two? Nah, because Dripping Springs, Texas, is far. I’ve already resigned myself to the fact that I’ll probably only be able to see him if I time a trip to the US with one of his tours, as you do. He’s found a way into the hearts of many an American back in his native land, but love for the singer in the UK is spread thin- I’ve only ever met one other person from the UK who even knows who he is.

He made up one third of the supergroup called The Bens (made up of Ben Kweller, Ben Folds and Ben Lee) that played together for a while over a decade ago, so if you like any other musical Bens, this Ben might just be your cup of tea.

If the snippets of new jams caught on home video are anything to go by, ‘Only A Day’ and ‘I See Stars’, the album will be treat enough. But having him do even one tour date in England would be a dream come true.


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