“The biggest noise a Tuesday night in Southampton you’ve ever heard” – An Interview with The Snuts

Scottish 4-piece The Snuts delivered a top performance at The Joiners this week, and I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to ask them a few questions concerning their music and performances.
How would you describe your music to people who do not know you?
A solid blend of everything the indie music scene is missing at the moment.
Who are your musical inspirations when it comes to the genre that you play?
Originally we were inspired by the greats of our generation. The Libertines, Arctic Monkeys etc. But we take influence from a huge variation of genres.
How would you say your sound has evolved over the years?
I would say we’ve tightened up every nut and bolt without over polishing the rough edges.
Is there a certain direction or aim that you guys are heading towards as a band? Or are you just taking every opportunity as it comes?
We’ve always aimed as high as possible, it’s something that really motivates us in how we deliver our music.
Is there a favourite song you guys love to perform on stage?
Personally I love playing an older demo of ours called ‘Summertime’. It’s a mad passionate song that we only really ever play at our own headlines!
Your newest single ‘Maybe California’ is such a feel-good jam, and I imagine will be so energy-filled live. How do you feel about performing a song on stage for the first time? Is it a nerve-wracking experience, or an exciting one?
It’s always great to play after you’ve released the song. It’s so much easier to gage the reaction of a crowd when they’ve already heard it on record!
The Joiners is such an intimate venue; do you guys have a preference on bigger or smaller venues, or does it all depend on the crowd on a particular night?
For places we’ve never been before we love playing in small venues. Everything is so exposed and it’s entirely up to the crowd whether they are with you or not.
Is there anything particular that we should expect at your show on September 17th?
The biggest noise a Tuesday night in Southampton you’ve ever heard.
Be sure to check out The Snuts wherever you can, as it’s unlikely they will be playing intimate venues for much longer!


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