This Month In Live: November


This month is certainly a month to showcase the talents of musicians both local and from further afield, with one of Southampton’s favourites returning to the Guildhall this November.

Who? The Regrettes
Where? The Loft
 November 4th
After touring with twenty one pilots earlier this year and with the release of their newest album How Do You Love? in August, The Regrettes have certainly gained much recognition for their music. The LA-based 4-piece are bound to put on an equally rowdy and enjoyable show at The Loft this month with their combinations of punk-rock and pop sound, especially with their single ‘California Friends’, which is simply impossible to stand still for. Some other noteworthy tunes of theirs include ‘I Dare You’, which features an incredibly catchy chorus that will no doubt be so fun live, and ‘Pumpkin’ which clearly exemplifies the powerful and talented vocals of lead singer Lydia. Be sure to buy your tickets here.

Who? Jamie Lenman
Where? The Joiners
  November 13th
English Musician and illustrator Jamie Lenman has altered his musical sound over the years since his debut solo album Muscle Memory (2013), which is outstandingly rock-filled, to his most recent album Shuffle (2019) which is entirely based off of musical covers, from songs such as The Beatles’ ‘Tomorrow Never Knows’ and ‘Hey Jude’ to the theme song from Popeye. These are all incredibly unique and it’s clear Lenman possesses an insane amount of musical talent to reinvent familiar tunes so successfully. If you’re a fan of loud sounds and headbanging, Jamie Lenman’s gig at The Joiners is where you need to be this month. Buy your tickets here.

Who? Gaz Brookfield
Where? The 1865
 November 15th
Over the past 8 to 9 years, English singer-songwriter Gaz Brookfield has spent time touring across Europe and the UK, supporting bands like New Model Army and The Levellers. His sound is fairly similar to that of Frank Turner’s, with his distinctive British accent extremely prominent within his rather rough vocals. It’s also worth noting that alongside his distinctive vocals are some wonderfully folky string sections (and also some use of brass!), which make it absolutely impossible to stay still. With the release of his newest album Lostfolk this past month, his harsh vocals and dance-worthy music is particularly exemplified, especially in the album’s title track (‘Lostfolk’) and ‘Aged Revolt’, which features an awesome fiddly string riff at the start. This month he returns to Southampton, and as he is an entirely independent musician (writing and performing music without a record label, manager or agent), this gig is the perfect opportunity to support someone so clearly dedicated to their musical career (and also have a bit of a dance as well!). Tickets can be bought here.

Who?  Do Nothing
Where? Heartbreakers
  November 23rd
This fairly newly formed 4-piece band from Nottingham are certainly on the rise in the alternative music scene, as in 2018 they started to release music and their second single ‘Handshakes’ made its way to Spotify’s ‘New Music Friday UK’ and ‘The Indie List’ playlists. Their newest single ‘Gangs’, released earlier this year, is somewhat heavier than their previous tunes, with their recent sound being fairly similar to that of Parquet Courts and The Murder Capital, meaning that their live performances this month will definitely be for the individuals who love to mosh and move at gigs. Don’t miss out; buy your tickets here.

Who? Frank Turner
Where? O2 Guildhall
 November 25th
When Southampton local Frank Turner graces the O2 Guildhall with his presence, it’s definitely not a night to miss. With the release of his newest album No Man’s Land earlier this year, Frank embarks on this unique tour which includes a solo set of his followed by an unplugged band performance. The tunes featuring on No Man’s Land are all based on females from history, and it will no doubt be incredible to hear songs like ‘Sister Rosetta’ (for its extremely catchy chorus) and ‘The Graveyard of the Outcast Dead’ (for its lovely folkish sound and fantastic build-up) live for the first time. Buy your tickets here.


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