“I find touring and playing these songs to people my favourite part of it all” – An Interview with Matt Maltese


I was lucky enough to get to interview one of my favourite artists at the moment, Matt Maltese, to discuss his newest release Krystal, and find out more about the inspirations and creative processes that went into creating the masterpiece of an album.

How would you describe your music to those who have not heard you?

I’d say its soft rock, emphasis on soft.

Was the writing process for your sophomore album, Krystal, any different to that of your debut album, Bad Contestant, and how?

Bad Contestant was a mixture of a lot of years of writing, whereas Krystal was a shorter more specific period of my life. Because Krystal was a record made at home, all the songs were kind of born and put to bed in the same room within the space of 4 months or so, which I think affected the writing of the songs and made the process a lot less open ended. Rather than Bad Contestant, where I had a while to keep revisiting and altering songs.

In previous interviews you’ve identified Leonard Cohen as one of your musical inspirations. Would you say that’s still the case, and there any other artists on the scene right now that provide a source of inspiration for your song-writing?

I haven’t really listened to Leonard in a while, but he will definitely always have a place as one of my favourites. I’m more inspired by other things these days.. cinema, podcasts, a lot of movie soundtracks (mostly Jon Brion).

Is there a meaning behind the title Krystal?

I kept seeing this phone repair shop around Elephant & Castle and in other parts of London called Krystal, and that’s really why the song ended up being called that, and the album in the end. There was something very specific and personal about the song and album obviously, and I liked the idea of kind of bowing to a notion of fate and letting this pretty unconnected name that kept appearing to me all the time define the album.

Sum up Krystal in 3 words.

Cry, laugh, cry.

If you had to pick just one, what would be your favourite song you’ve ever written?

That’s a pretty impossible question.. I think ‘Rom-Com Gone Wrong’ or ‘Like a Fish’ at the moment – but it changes all the time.

The music video for ‘Rom-Com Gone Wrong’ is one of my favourites of this year – have you got any more of these wonderfully humorous masterpieces for us in store?

Thank you. Hopefully in the future, yes!

What’s your favourite song from Krystal, and why?

I think either ‘Rom-Com Gone Wrong’ or ‘Curl Up and Die’.. mostly because I couldn’t imagine the record turning out the way it did without either of them. They really started it off and defined it.

Have you ever thought about collaborating with a fellow artist? If so, who?

I have here and then, but I kind of think they will happen when they happen. I’ve recorded a lot with my friend Asha who’s in Sorry and Fenne Lily too, and always love doing more with them. I love Caroline Polachek too – making music with her is definitely on my wishlist.

Is there a date/place you’re most excited about playing on this upcoming tour?

Bad answer but I think all of them.. I find touring and playing these songs to people my favourite part of it all.

Please take me to the pita shack?

Free Thursday?

Be sure to buy tickets for Matt’s upcoming tour starting on November 25th here


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