“I just didn’t know where to put myself on that stage, but that was the fun part!”- An Interview with No Rome


After being signed to the Dirty Hit label in 2017, No Rome released two EPs; RIP Indo Hisashi (which features The 1975’s own Matty Healy) and Crying In The Prettiest Places. Just a few days after the release of his new single, ‘Trust 3000’, I sat down with Rome to find out more about the meaning behind the lyrics, and his plans for next year following the release of his other single ‘Talk Nice’.

How are you finding tour?

Good! It’s been fun, super fun. This is my first tour since The 1975 tour back in January.

How did you find playing those big shows, like the O2?

It’s just so big! I was like “Shit!”. Like I just didn’t know where to put myself on that stage, but that was the fun part! I hadn’t even been to the O2 before, that show was the first time! I was supposed to go watch a show, like Ariana Grande I think, but I didn’t end up going.

So your first time experiencing that venue was by playing it?!

Yeah! And my first time of even properly watching a concert that big was watching the acts afterwards!

Was there a highlight of The 1975 tour for you with the places you played?

I think Glasgow, cause they really went hard, and a lot of people seemed to know my music there, so that was pretty cool. Obviously being the opening act, you expect people to not really know who you are, but there was a nice amount of people who knew me there.

How did you find playing Reading Festival?

Reading was so fun, I think that was one of my favourites just because of the amount of people that I look up to having played there before, like Radiohead, Nirvana, all those 90’s bands. It was also so fun being in the same line-up as some of the acts there.

Were you expecting that big of a crowd? People were spilling out of the tent!

No, not really! I felt like it was really humbling though, and it really inspired me, to see that that many people resonate to my music, and that’s so important as an artist.

Have you found that you have a preference over playing smaller or larger venues?

I’d say it’s quite subjective, and it really depends, like festivals are fun, cause after you’ve played a show you get to go and see other artists play. So I don’t know! I feel I’m most comfortable when playing these kind of shows like tonight, cause its intimate and you know that the people who come tried to buy their tickets as fast as they can so they really wanna be here.

Did you manage to catch any other acts after your reading set?

I saw Dave, who was so good! I saw a couple of bands, but yeah Dave I enjoyed a lot. I was already a couple of beers in, and he had pyros so I was just like “Woahh”, it was so cool.

Have you had a favourite show that you’ve played on this tour so far?

Uh I would probably say Brighton, it was just a really nice. I really liked the place itself to like go out in, there’s so much to see and stuff like that. So I generally liked that location, but the crowd was also so energetic and the venue was nice.

What are the fans like on this tour?

They’re so interactive and energetic, and they all came for the bands that they really like, so everyone’s really familiar.

So you’ve just released your new single, ‘Trust 3000’, how has the response been so far?

Really good! I’ve wanted to do a song with Dijon for a while and this was perfect timing. When I played him that song, he really resonated to it well, so that was nice. And yeah it was nice to put out that song finally cause I’ve had it for a while.

Was there a specific message behind it?

Yeah, the song is about a long distance relationship that I wrote in the midst of going on tour, and about being in that relationship. But I always seem to find ways to fuck it up, so it’s kind of like an honest letter. But shit, shit happens I suppose, all we try and do is avoid it!

Was music quite a big aspect during your childhood?

Yeah, I think that I actually fall in love with everything else through music, like movies and stuff. My favourite movies usually have a soundtrack with one of my favourite bands on, so I feel like that’s what music does for me. My family also played a lot of music.

Did anyone in your family play any instruments?

My dad did. He was trying to make, what we would call beats now, but back in the 80’s. He was trying to make some new wave shit. So he knew how to play shit and was the one who taught me how to produce music and how to use the software and connect the synths. And my mum was a vocal coach.

Are any main influences that you feel have impacted your sound?

I feel like there’s so many. SWV and D’Angelo was really my kind of stuff, like RnB roots. But then you get post-punk bands, like New Order, Joy Division, people like that were my early inspiration. But of course now, I listen to so much more music and find new music every day, even Japanese DJs making house music.

Is there anyone that you’ve recently discovered that you’re really into?

There’s a synth-pop band called Barrie, who are really good, from New York. And NSG is so good! Like club bangers, I’m obsessed with that kind of stuff. I really love clubbing music, even underground clubbing music, I just don’t necessarily like the actual club, but that’s the place you have to go to hear this music!

Do you go out clubbing quite a lot?

I try to, but I’m not good with crowds, so it’s a bit intense. But you do shit to hear some good music right? I wanna see bands and DJs so I’m like “Fuck it, yeah I’ll come out”, just need a couple of drinks!

If you could describe your sound in one word, what would it be?

I think vulnerable, that’s what it is. I like juxtaposing, so I’m writing sensitive material that’s really honest- it could be in a diary, which is then over the top of pop or RnB style music.

Would you say that your music falls into a specific genre?

I don’t know, probably not. I feel like when I make shit, it reminds you of something, but it doesn’t really sound like anything else. I think that sometimes it sucks cause I don’t know where it fit in, but then at times I see it as advantage cause like “The fuck do I care, I’m making my own shit!”. But I guess, if I were to put it in a category, I would say it’s mainly like synth and pop music genre. People who listen to like Dinosaur JR. usually like my stuff, or Lil Uzi Vert or Playboi Carti, people like that.

Have you got any plans for next year?

I’ve got a mixtape coming out, so these singles that I’ve dropped, ‘Talk Nice’ and ‘Trust 3000’, are a part of a bigger collection of music; an album, which is exciting. I’m already in album mode.

Tickets for the rest of the Dirty Hit Tour can found here.



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