This Term in Live: A Flashback To Our Favourite Live Moments


As we all know, 2020 has taken an extremely unfortunate downfall due to the current pandemic, which has put a halt to many, many aspects of life. An aspect I usually focus on that has been halted is the live music scene across the country, which has led to the cancellation or postponing of many shows in April. Therefore, rather than rid of This Month in Live for April, we at The Edge have put together a list looking back at our favourite live moments this term, in an optimistic reflection on what we have enjoyed and, thus, what we will continue to enjoy once this madness is over.

Turnover @ The Loft

Despite venturing down to Brighton several months ago to see Turnover on their Altogether album tour, I couldn’t wait to see them back on Southampton soil. Initially I was disappointed to see them billed at probably my most disliked venue in town but I was happy enough knowing I’d get to see them here. Since the last time I saw the band they played a set which was practically 90% Altogether, I was hoping that since this wasn’t a tour in support of the album, we’d hear a few oldies this time. Fortunately I was absolutely thrown to hear the hugely iconic guitar leads to ‘Take My Head’ from Peripheral Vision alongside ‘New Scream’ and also ‘Sunshine Type’ from Good Nature. The set was fun, there was more energy from the crowd especially for the 4 huge tracks played from Peripheral Vision than the last time I saw them. Even if this term hadn’t been cut short, I really don’t believe I would have gone to a show more enjoyable than this one. Hopefully this virus stuff passes soon so Turnover can be slotted into some UK festival line-ups this summer!

Jed Wareham

Twin Atlantic @ The Loft

My absolute highlight of this semester has to be Twin Atlantic’s POWER album launch with Vinilo at The Loft in January.  Intimate shows are always going to be among my favourites, and they managed to transfer the grandeur of the album into the small space of The Loft in the same commanding way as they do in bigger venues.

The technical difficulties they encountered did nothing to hinder this outstanding performance, and only made the band more engaging and charismatic in the eyes of the audience.  It was a fantastic gig from start to finish, from its triumphant beginnings to the impromptu acoustic songs that made their surprise appearance.  The crowd enjoyed every minute of Twin Atlantic sharing their anecdotes from past tours as they chatted with the audience throughout the set.

Massive tracks like ‘Barcelona’, ‘Novocaine’ and ‘Oh! Euphoria!’ shone that night in The Loft, and the time they took to hang out with fans at the after-show signing was endearing – even though they had a hectic week of shows ahead of them and vocalist Sam McTrusty was on strict vocal rest.  I went into The Loft that night excited for a night of great music; I left a loyal fan of Twin Atlantic.

Vicky Greer

The 1975 @ The BIC

My favourite live moment of this term was undoubtedly The 1975. Being one of the biggest bands in the music scene right now, their return to Bournemouth was extremely exciting, considering they were playing bigger and more iconic venues such as London’s O2 on the same tour. Their set-list was incredible, and the light show was extremely memorable. This gig stands out to me and remains my favourite live moment of this term as it was hosted in my home town, and I got to see people of all ages enjoying their energetic set. The 1975 are definitely a band to watch, even if you are not a huge fan of their music, as their stage presence and light show are both electric.

Georgie Holmes


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