This Week in Live-Streams (04/05/20)


As we are all aware by now, live-streaming gigs from home has become the norm for many artists. With each week, there seems to be more and more musical artists joining in on this trend, whilst some in particular are taking part regularly, either weekly or daily. This week brings some iconic artists and a festival this weekend which are all unmissable.

Who? The National
Where? Streaming on YouTube
When? Monday 3rd, 10pm (BST)
Why? Each week, The National are live-streaming an old gig of theirs over on their YouTube channel to satisfy all the fans who are missing out on live music gigs currently. With each live-stream, they are raising money for their crew, as they state they are the “lifeblood of our touring operation and have become family through the many years we’ve worked together”. The 5-piece band formed in 1999, and have since won many awards in the music industry, including 4 of their albums being included in NME’s 2013 list of the greatest albums of all time. Tune in tonight if you are a fan of any live music, as it’s incredible to witness this band’s live performances.

Who? This Is The Kit
Where? Royal Albert Hall page
When? Tuesday 5th, 7:30pm (BST)
Why? The Royal Albert Hall has been putting on live-streams with various artists, all showcasing their live performances in a world where no live gigs can currently take place. This series is extremely successful in allowing anyone to access live music. This Is The Kit is the musical project of British musician Kate Stables, and are due to be performing at the Royal Albert Hall for their biggest headline date thus far next year. The band are a long-time favourite of many BBC 6 Music and BBC Radio 1 DJs, and the music is encompasses all things indie-folk. Check out This Is The Kit this week, as they might just become your new favourite artist.

Who? Low
Where? Instagram Live, @lowtheband
When? Friday 8th, 9pm (BST)
Why? Every Friday, this indie rock group live-stream a performance from their home, raising money for local charities. They are based in Minnesota and are making up for not being able to tour by performing every week for their fans. Their music is typically characterised for its slow tempo, minimalist musical accompaniments and ever so powerful tunes. If you’re not impressed by the uniquely minimalist accompaniments and arrangements, you will be by the vocal harmonies, as these are simultaneously haunting and beautiful. Don’t miss out this Friday – tune in to their Instagram at 9pm.

Who? Fearless At Home Festival
Where? Watch it here 
When? Saturday 9th, 8pm (BST)
Why? Artists are yet to be confirmed, but record label Fearless Records have a plethora of well-known artists that are likely to join this weekend. These include, but are not limited to, As It Is, Pierce The Veil, Grayscale and Real Friends. If you’re a fan of any of these bands, or genres like pop-punk in general, then this festival is certainly one for you. The proceeds from the merch on their website will go to Crew Nation, which is a global relief fund for live music crews. This is the perfect way to spend your Saturday night, and it’s bound to be filled with surprise artists, so don’t miss out!

Who? Laura Marling
Where? Instagram Live, @lauramarling
When? Sunday 10th, 7pm (BST)
Why? Every Sunday, British singer-songwriter Laura Marling live-streams on her Instagram account her Isolation Guitar Tutorials. This live-stream differs from others, as alongside being able to witness Marling’s talents live, you will also learn a song out of it. Whether or not you play an instrument, this live-stream will be interesting to catch as it’s bound to involve Marling performing the song which she teaches, and hopefully she will be interacting with fans in the comments. What better way to end your week than by learning a song?


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