Venue in Focus: The Anvil, Bournemouth


At The Edge, we have previously focussed on some iconic venues in Southampton, such as The Joiners and The 1865. However, not much attention is paid for independent venues outside of Southampton, like The Anvil in Bournemouth, which is just as reputable as those in Southampton.

Much like those we’re familiar with in Southampton, The Anvil is both a bar and a venue. However, unlike other venues, The Anvil has two levels which successfully separate the bar area and the performing area, meaning there is minimal disturbance from the bar when watching a gig which allows for impeccable sound quality.

The Anvil is well-known in Bournemouth to host rock and metal events, however there are also a plethora of regular locals who take the stage. Past performers include names like Bury Tomorrow and Boston Manor. Also, due to perform in the near future, before lockdown occurred, were names like The Hara and Dead Girls Academy. The prices for each event are extremely reasonable, much like other independent venues, but The Anvil stands out because of its friendly staff and incredible sound quality.

Perhaps the only flaw to this venue is the pillar which, if you’re stuck behind, will definitely limit your view. However, for the capacity that the venue holds, it’s very spacious and you’re highly unlikely to be stuck behind the pillar as there is bound to always be room elsewhere. Also, you can’t hate the pillar – it is keeping the roof up, after all.

Once lockdown is lifted and independent venues are allowed to open, be sure to check in to The Anvil if you have a spare night. Buy a ticket to an artist you know, or spend a few pounds on someone you’ve never heard of. Either way, you are guaranteed to have a great, memorable night, and will kick yourself for having never visited The Anvil before.

Keep an eye out for any future events at Bournemouth’s The Anvil here


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