This Week in Live-Streams (17/08/20)


We have a real mix in store for the latter of this week. From big artists to artists we should watch – let’s check out what is coming to a computer, tablet or phone soon.

Who? Oscar Jerome
Where? You can buy your ticket here.
When? Tuesday 18th, 8pm (BST)
Why? South London musician, Oscar Jerome is an up and coming artist who is releasing his debut album Breath Deep and offering a live stream in place of what would be a tour. For just £6, you get to spend an hour listening to his mellow voice and relax as he treats you to bops such as ‘Joy Is You’ and ‘Your Saint’. As a jazz infused artist, he is bringing this style back to the surface and will not disappoint. 

Who? Lindsay Ell
Where? Facebook
When? Wednesday 19th, 1am (BST)
Why? We all secretly love a little bit of country music – there is nothing wrong with that. When you are awake at 1am and cannot sleep, this is the perfect way to keep you calm. Ell’s voice is really silky, but can be as gritty as Miley Cyrus’ voice when she covered ‘Jolene’ by Dolly Parton. Speaking of Ms. Parton, this is exactly the type of country she would produce if she was a breakthrough country artist in the 2010s. Check out just how talented Lindsay Ell is below.

Who? Little Mix
Where? Facebook
When? Friday, 21st 8pm (BST)
Why? Little Mix are a staple in Capital’s Summertime Ball and since we are all missing live music, tune in to watch their live-stream to hold onto that small spark of that summer feeling. They are the closest thing we have right now to the Spice Girls’ female empowerment and although their songs may make you cringe, you cannot deny thet are catchy.

Who? Live Americana/Country at Lockdown Mastered
Where? Clarence Field, Clarence Esplanade, Southsea. Tickets can be bought here.
When? Monday 10th, 6pm (BST)
Why? For those who are missing gigs and festivals, this will do just nicely. For £10, you can see Katy Hurt and Somewhere in The Wildwood, and it is only £5 for children over 7. Americana and country may not be your scene, but it is a family friendly event to take up to 6 people to see. Going to concerts is as much as about the experience as it is about the acts. And let’s face it, it’s been months without a gig you can physically go to!

Furthermore, Portsmouth City Council, The Wedgewood Rooms & Square Roots Promotions have collaborated to create this socially-distanced night of Americana in support of Rowans Hospice and Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity.


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