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Long-standing Chicago rockers Fall Out Boy, who formed in 2001 under the growing punk-rock scene, have always been one of my go-to bands to see live as they never fail to give a show-stoppingly brilliant performance. The incredible and ever-so-recognisable vocals of Patrick Stump blend unbelievably perfectly with the heavy lead guitar of Joe Trohman, the perfectly executed bass of Pete Wentz and the insane talent of drummer Andy Hurley. Although Fall Out Boy shine brightly through their awesome live performances, it is clear to me that whilst their arena tours are strong and personal, festivals are the place in which their talents exudes the most!

Arena tours have always been a popular choice by bands, not only for the money side of things but most certainly for the fact they can showcase their albums to the highest quality and with the most control. Fall Out Boy, over the 19 years that they have been together as a band (with a brief hiatus from 2009-2013) have toured the globe with album-release shows and more. The first Fall Out Boy show I managed to find myself at back in 2014 was part of a full-blown UK tour to celebrate the release of their album Save Rock and Roll (2013) which still to this day remains my ultimate favourite Fall Out Boy album.

Save Rock and Roll was released after Fall Out Boy returned from their 4-year hiatus, making to tour a jam-packed experience of fans who had been begging for the band to return and create new, exciting music. Being a huge fan of the punk-rock/emo scene in high school (obviously) I went to the Birmingham NIA date of the Save Rock and Roll tour and enjoyed every second of it – especially when they played the heartwarming title song ‘Save Rock and Roll’ (although I wish Elton John would’ve rocked up for that one). From the brilliant graphics inspired by the music videos released for every single song from the album to the varied supports that led up to the main act, the gig one I will still to this day always remember.

Although the Save Rock and Roll UK tour was a big hit with both myself and the friends I attended with, it will never quite match the jaw-dropping experience I had watching Fall Out Boy perform on the main stage at Reading and Leeds Festival in 2016. Reading and Leeds Festival in itself is an experience, but seeing Fall Out Boy perform just before the one and only Biffy Clyro amongst a crowd of almost 90,000 people just about topped it off making it quite possibly my favourite live experience ever to this day! The set, filled with back-to-back bangers such as the popular classic ‘Sugar, We’re Going Down Swinging’ and the (then) newly released ‘My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light ‘Em Up)’, matched incredibly powerful tunes with brilliant pyrotechnics that literally took my breath away.

If I could re-live one live show I’ve been to it would be that set at Reading and Leeds Festival 2016 for the simple fact that the band knows how to put on one hell of a show!


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