The Edgetival: Our Favourite Sets


After an incredibly successful weekend for The Edgetival, some of our writers reflect back on their favourite sets of the festival which ran from the 15th-16th August in support of The Music Venue Trust.

The Edgetival raised a whopping £510 for the charity which aims to save music venues across the UK and was watched and supported by many! Here are some of the most notable sets from the festival as chosen by our writers.

Edge of Desire

Listening to the Edge of Desire is a unique experience in itself, a blend of alternative pop and rock, they set the scene with an unmatched sense of sound, and watching them during The Edgetival was hardly any different. Kicking off their set in the sunny back garden with a brief introduction, leading man Dan Fraser, quickly launched us into the first song to set the mood: ‘Can’t Take It Anymore’ (currently unreleased on their Spotify age). A slow fade to black and white, the screen splitting into multiple panels of bandmembers Dan and Caleb before the lyrics “I can’t take no more” launches us into the breadth and talent that Edge of Desire encompasses. Sometimes breathy, always on key and singing some impeccable bangers, it was hard not to tap along to the beat or just become lost in the constant panel work that was layered to create the song as we were hearing it.

It wasn’t completely live but it was as live as we are going to get in the current pandemic and it was a genuine thrill to become lost in Fraser’s voice and Hartley’s bass undertones. The standout moment, however, came at the end of their set with the unreleased eerie dream-pop-esque ‘Faith’ that gave off unrelenting Radiohead vibes in all the best ways. It took me back to hearing ‘Exit Music (For a Film)’ for the first time and that’s when I knew that Edge of Desire is something special. A truly remarkable set and a group I will have great fun listening to in the future, Edge of Desire was hands-down the best set of the festival for me!

– Sam Pegg


The Edgetival brought to fans and newbies alike an array of talented musicians, but Teadie777 takes the crown for being the artist which exceeded my expectations. Not having listened to this Soundcloud rapper before, many of us were unsure what to expect. However, Teadie777, real name Theo Devenish, wowed us all with his flow, lyricism, professional visuals and production/mixing (curtesy of his collaborator Sharma, known together as 20WORLD). During his 30 minute set, Teadie777 shared with us some tracks from his recent EP 11:11 (2020) which can be streamed on most streaming platforms, along with some new tracks he’s yet to release. This made the set perfect for both fans and newcomers, as those who knew his music could feel a familiarity in his music mixed with excitement, whilst fresh listeners could see Teadie777’s full talents on display.

If you’re looking for a new rapper to add into your playlists, Teadie777 is a newcomer you should be listening to and keeping track of as his career grows. You can watch his full set on The Edgetival’s Facebook.

– Maddie Lock

Luna Blue 

Luna Blue are an alt-indie band hailing from Brighton, they produce upbeat indie dance anthems which they showcase at The Edgetival. Starting the set off with the killer indie track ‘Away With You’ was the perfect beginning, it felt like the best 9 pm festival track and got even my own mother up and dancing. However, a stand-out for me has to be ‘Tropical’ which if I had to describe in one word would be ‘funky’. My favourite part had to be the bass and backing vocals with Nick popping up in a little bubble on the screen to sing the backing vocals whilst pulling faces and just having the time of his life.

They seem to have a great time whilst performing, which makes it even more intriguing to watch. The way the video was formatted was interesting, as due to lockdown bands have been improvising on ways to still perform from the home. All members used a phone to record themselves perform and were split into 4 separate blocks as they were filming from different locations. They ended their set with ‘Look At Me’ which sounds like the perfect ending to any live show and suited perfectly with this already magical set. If you haven’t watched the set already head to The Edgetival’s Facebook to check it out!

– Morgan McMillan

Leaves in Motion 

Leaves in Motion is a project by A.M. Davies designed to assist activities like meditation and sleep. Though every Edgetival performer was absolutely fantastic, all bringing their own unique talents to centre (virtual) stage, Leaves in Motion’s performance stood out amongst all of them due to the music that was showcased.

Coming to our screens after a break, it was exactly what was needed. After a full evening the day before featuring lots of different artists all making a lot of noise, a quiet, calming interval was much needed. Leaves in Motion delivered just that. For 30 minutes, the sound in my room was filled with calming timbres. All blending into one, it was close to sending me to sleep despite it being early evening still. That’s the power of Leaves in Motion. If you’re looking for something calming, or some respite in the noise of day-to-day life, go check out this set on The Edgetival Facebook page. It’ll ground you instantly, and remind you of the emotive power of music.

– Georgie Holmes


Doncaster trio Sweetness made up of lead vocalist Aedan Butler, bassist Jacob Turnbull, and Drummer Ryan Moore, sounded very sweet during their set for The Edgetival on Saturday as they gave a slightly acoustic twist to some of their popular singles and some unreleased gems. Frontman Butler looked as if he had just popped out of the 1950s with his Elvis inspired hair but this vintage rock look really matches the music and gives the band a quirky edge to them, making their live set even more intriguing. The four smooth Rock ‘n’ Roll inspired tunes the band showcased were fun and exciting to watch/listen to and their Edgetival set gave us a flavour of what their true live show is like – bursting with charm, charisma and overall good vibes.

My favourite part of the trio’s performance was their third song ‘Woman Delayed’ which is one of the oldest songs in their growing discography. Like the other tracks they have released, it has a vintage rock vibe to it, but this song just has an extra flair of catchiness to it. The upbeat guitar and smooth bass are so easy on the ears and the way Butler delivers the lyrics here reminds me slightly of The Smiths frontman Morrissey (this is intended as a compliment). ‘Woman Delayed’ is the perfect kind of tune to blare out of your speakers whilst on a road trip in the summer heat.

If you haven’t checked out Sweetness’ set yet the video is still live on The Edgetival Facebook page and I strongly recommend you give it a watch.

– Charlotte Brennan

If you didn’t get the chance to catch any of the incredible The Edgetival sets over the festival weekend then make sure to check them out now over on The Edgetival Facebook page by clicking here where they are all available to watch.


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