This Week In Live-Streams (7/09/20)


After a jam-packed start to September, this week rivals last week with what is coming up in live-streams. From the dance music scene to rap, we have some well-known names to lesser-known names. Check the list out below.

Who? Sofi Tukker
Where? Facebook
When? Monday 7th, 6 pm (BST)
Why? Formed in Florida in 2014, Sofi Tukker is a dance duo compromised of Sofi Hawley-Weld and Tucker Halpern. After releasing their EP in 2016, they have gone strength to strength – they were nominated for a grammy in 2017 for their song ‘Drinkee’. If their name rings a bell, that’s because their songs often feature in adverts or in FIFA games and was used in Apple’s iPhone X unveiling… so they must be decent musicians if these companies want to use their work. Why not check out their grammy-nominated song ‘Drinkee’ below!

Who? Paul Burch
Where? Facebook
When? Wednesday 9th, 6 pm (BST)
Why? Paul Burch has been putting music out since 1996, with his latest album Light Sensitive being released earlier this year. He is his own producer and although not a lot is known about Burch, his music is definitely for indie fans.

Who? Wyclef Jean
Where? You can watch it here.
When? Thursday 10th, 1am (BST)
Why? Starting out in the hip hop group, Fugees, Wyclef Jean has gone on to win 3 grammys. If his name does not ring a bell, you will recognise his vocals on Shakira’s ‘Hips Don’t Lie’ track, but he is amazing in his own right. If you like hip hop or rap, make sure you catch him live, as this will be Jean’s FIRST EVER complete performance of his Grammy-nominated, Double Platinum album, The Carnival (1997). If you are able to, they are asking for a donation to the Apollo theatre in support of free virtual programmes and keep theatres connected with communities around the world during the pandemic.

Who? Round The Campfire 
Where? Twitch
When? Friday 11th, 11.59 pm (BST)
Why? With Chris Farren, Nova One and many more joining, this will certainly be interesting. This is a chilled-out stream and we have country acts to indie acts. Nova One in particular may be of interest for those who are fans of Fleetwood Mac. Roz Raskin’s voice is reminiscent of Stevie Nick’s as well as Lana Del Rey’s and the music is very indie-pop with a touch of the 60s vibe. Nova One tend to sing about subjects such as gender identity and self-image – something that is important topics in today’s society. Why not check out their cover of Britney Spear’s ‘Lucky’ below or their 2018 EP Secret Princess.


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