Guide To Hosting Your Own Club Night


Coronavirus may have closed our clubs, but it won’t stop our spirit! Call to all Freshers – do not fear, the best club nights always take place in the comfort of your own home for many reasons. You have personal space, a clean toilet, a playlist of your choice and there’s always a comfy bed when you sesh too hard. Here is a guide to host your ultimate club night because the party never ends at The Edge. From the playlist to your clothing, we have it covered!


Before you embark on your club experience ensure the playlist is full of banging tracks, that means banning ‘Mr Brightside’ from appearing and playing every iconic noughties track you can think of. The best part about a home club night is every song is a club song – the gang want to cry to some Paramore? Go ahead. Want to party to some Macky Gee? No one can stop you. At Casa de Club you are your own DJ and whatever floats your boat is a suitable play.


Every club you go to is in a dark room with LED lights and with thanks to online companies like Amazon, LED lights are affordable and can be delivered quickly. Once you put the bad boy LED lights on, your club setting is ready. Put on the flashing multi-colour lights in a dark room and even your bathroom can be transformed into the best club in town.


What club have you ever been to that hasn’t been full of neon? If it isn’t the lights, the décor or the clothing you will always see neon wherever you turn. To ensure it is a real funky night splash some neon green or pink across the room – the best way to do this is from glowsticks which are usually only a pound. Clubbing on a budget and now that’s a dream!


The outfit you wear determines the night you’ll have! Comfort is the key to a great club night and if you are shy of dressing in your favourite trackies at an actual club, don’t worry at Casa De Club comfort is compulsory no matter what you choose to wear. Make sure it’s fun and you feel great because at the end of the day that’s what having fun is about.


What is a club without a drink? Now for my non-alcoholic friends I’m talking lots of fizzy drinks and red bull, because clubs aren’t just about the drink but about the atmosphere. So, if you have your lovely fizzy orange, you are ready to go. Now onto serious business – the alcohol. This is the one area you will guarantee to make a huge save – clubs charge about £5 for a single, so all you have to do is buy a bottle of your cheapest spirit for about £12 and you have made a huge save. This is also your time to look up cocktail recipes and see if you can recreate your club favourites i.e. the Jesticle from Jesters.


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