This Week In Live-Streams (16/11/20)


This week is definitely the one for those who are into their country music… or wanting to get into this genre. Hailing from the US, you are in for a treat! However, there is a twist at the end of the week as we revive the 80s for one night only.

Who? The Rising
Where? Facebook
When? Monday 16th, 8pm (GMT)
Why? For a free show, this looks to be shaping up to be an exciting one to kick off your week. The duo creates music that can be described as a blend of pop/rock with modern country… oh and they originate from Nashville themselves! Taking influence from contemporary Pop, Rock as wells the updated Country Sounds of artists such as Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood,Keith Urban,Kelsea Ballerini and many others. The band are equally at home listening and enjoying top 40 radio and all genres of music. But it’s the band’s love of storytelling lyrics and songs with meaning that inspires their love and affinity with country.

Who? Thanksgiving Live At The Ryman
Where? You can buy a ticket here.
When? Thursday 19th, 1.30AM (GMT)
Why? As Thanksgiving approaches, why not spend it with some great American artists? Although not everyone in the world celebrates this holiday, it will feature the likes of American Idol winner Laine Hardy and former contestants Laci Kaye Booth, Grace Leer, and Dillon James. Other performers include Matt Stell and Riley Green too! So, for the price of just under £20, you can have a mini celebration right at home.

Who? Culture Club
Where? TBC
When? Sunday 22nd, 7pm (GMT)
Why? Gay icon, Boy George (lead of Culture Club) will be performing for the world with the band this coming Sunday. As a big name in the 80s, why not bring them into your livingroom? With hits such as ‘Karma Chameleon’ and ‘Do You Really Want to Hurt Me?’, this is a nice way to relax on your Sunday evening.


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