What I Miss About Clubbing


Don’t get me wrong, I am incredibly happy that the clubs are closed in this pandemic. If you’re looking to get any kind of sickness and disease, clubs are the best place to go. I wholly advocate for them staying closed as long as humanely possible, because having them open in a pandemic is honestly just the worst idea imaginable.

But God, do I miss clubbing. The chaos of it, liquid courage, the screaming along to music, the dancing so hard you feel like your feet are going to fall off, even the tiring walk home, framed by choruses of ‘it’s only a little bit further!’ or ‘can we go to maccies?’. There are more important things in life than going out and having a good time, but it’s definitely a vice I am missing dearly thanks to our friend Miss Rona.

I think the music is probably the most defining thing of whether you’re going to have a good night out or not when you go clubbing. Without a good backing soundtrack to dance along to, there’s not really any point in going out at all; from the classic Pre’s Playlist (if you’re looking for one I recommend checking out The Edge’s), to the tunes you sing as you’re walking to the club to the DJ’s playlist as you finally hit the dancefloor. I’m all for some good cheesy tunes, so the Jester’s dancefloor (despite the grossness of it) or Oceana’s cheese room is always a solid bet, but I’ve also got to shout out those sweet sweet alternative nights. Suburbia have a cracking emo/rock playlist, and even Orange Rooms on a good day (my personal favourite club that I miss a lot) have some great indie rock bangers blaring out of their speakers. One of the best moments of a night out is when you hear the beginning of a really good scream-along song, and the whole club goes nuts with excitement. Think ‘Sweet Caroline’, or ‘Mr Brightside’, or even a bit of ABBA with ‘Gimme Gimme Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)’. One of the biggest tragedies of not being able to go clubbing at the moment is that we’re missing the golden opportunity to lose our minds to ‘WAP’. Can you imagine the energy of a nightclub once you hear those opening bars? Incredible.

Of course, no clubbing night is free of it’s chaotic moments. Looking after your friend who might have had a tad too much *spicy water*, becoming *ahem*¬†acquainted¬†with strangers at the bar, spilling drinks- you get the gist. To me though, those moments are what makes nights out so memorable, because you can laugh at them afterwards, as you’re noshing down on your cheesy chips in some random kebab shop.

I miss clubbing a lot, and can’t wait to make a fool of myself on the dancefloor once all this mess is over and done with.


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