Lip-sync Battle: Our Favourites


Jenna Dewan put the Magic in Mike in her ground-breaking lip-sync to the iconic Ginuwine song ‘Pony’! The track became a staple to the Magic Mike franchise as her then husband Channing Tatum did his iconic routine in the movie which she then used as inspiration for her lip-sync performance. It was even better than the original from the spray-painted abs to the Miley Cyrus moment where she licks building tools (this is a thing). She proved women really can do it all in her iconic performance and her lip-syncing was on point which made the performance even more believable and iconic. – Morgan McMillan

It’s not everyday that you see Big Bird from Sesame Street performing  Michael Buble’s version of ‘I’m Feeling Good’… but it is amazing. Suited and booted like the man himself, Big Bird goes for the ‘less is more’ for his lip-sync performance and it is highly effective. Of course, it is hard to do anything for the actor in the Big Bird costume but they didn’t need to do anything special for it – having the Big Bird of Sesame Street alone blew my mind. However, his mimic of Buble is hilarious and right on point. It’s a bright and charming performance from my favourite big yellow canary bird. – Jo Lisney

Although we couldn’t put in the videos that our writers wanted, we wanted to leave you with a special performance:


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