The Ultimate World Book Day Band


The best thing about World Book Day is that we get to celebrate characters that walked out of the imagination and onto paper, forever! So in keeping with the theme of imagination – I thought about who would make up my dream book band called A Rhythm in Time.

From all the literature I’ve read (and that is a lot – I am an English Literature student after all!), the criteria was simple:

  • Likely to be musically inclined
  • Must be an energetic character 
  • A range of literature genres
  • Poetic in some way to me

So, without further ado…

Lead Singer – Gus Waters, The Fault in Our Stars

Gus is one of the most poetic characters to have come out of a young adult fiction book. I mean, who would have thought that carrying around an unlit cigarette could mean so much? He would be the lyricist of the group too, but work closely to make sure that the balance on their LP has enough energy-filled hits and slow tunes you can dance too. 

Drums – Fred Weasley, The Harry Potter series

Fred is without a doubt the most fun Weasley child from the large family. Of course, this would be prior to his death and to be honest… he is also my favourite twin out of him and George. Anyway, he fits the basic criteria I set but also he would bring some of the products from his shop to make any show the band performs electrifying!

Lead Guitar – Harry Potter, The Harry Potter series

As someone who did not know the existence of magic until his 11th birthday, Harry would have the option to play the guitar normally. However, he’d take it up a notch with his wizardry skills and shred so hard using his magic. He’d deserve a solo moment in those fist-pumping songs because, with his magic, he’d quite literally put a spell on and bewitch us all.

Rhythm Guitar – Dracula, Dracula

He is ancient and foreign… something that would add an extra level of flavour to their sound. No doubt, he’d be the multi-instrumentalist of the group and key to kicking off the writing process. Dracula had seen it all and would make the coolest rhythmic patterns that are funky fresh.

Bass Guitar – Dorian Gray, The Picture of Dorian Gray

A bassist is often the prettiest member of the band and Dorian fits the bill perfectly. As a seducer in the book, there is no doubt that he would have learned an instrument or two to attract both men and women. Plus, he is immortal so he had a lot of time to hone in on the bass and create complex tabs to rock the house off with the other members of a Rhythm in Time.

Piano – Mad Hatter, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland 

Ok, Mad Hatter is a bit of a wild card. He is really weird and random but that means he would bring some funky melodies into the band and would be the one to get the others to break generic conventions. He will forever be the experimental one.

Now you have seen my picks, what would yours be?



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