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Whether you are a regular or one-timer at your local karaoke night, our writers make their case for the best songs to sing your heart out to. Grab your mic or hairbrush and prepare yourselves for some classic tunes!

Anastacia – ‘Left Outside Alone’ 

A rock power ballad is always a go-to karaoke classic and Anastacia’s ‘Left Outside Alone’ brings the fire you need to sing those sorrows away. I personally have never been left outside alone but the minute I am given that microphone, I was left outside in the rain in complete despair with everyone in the crowd wronged me and this is my revenge. The reason I believe this is the best karaoke track of all time is due to the power and aggressiveness of the music, there is high notes, low notes, screamy notes and talk-like lyrics making it a track that (hopefully) won’t hurt the ears of those around you. It’s an anthem that everyone knows but is not quite sure how they know the lyrics. It is the backing track to every emotional shower concert, and I am impatiently waiting till Stag’s Karaoke is back and I can perform for a crowd who definitely never ask for it. – Morgan McMillan 

Taylor Swift – ‘Shake It Off’

What should a Karaoke be? Nostalgic… Have a character… Be instantly recognisable… Be an absolute BANGER!? Well my friends, if you’ve said yes to all those statements then without a doubt you should be singing Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake It Off’. The song that headed the revolutionary (no that’s not an exaggeration) 1989, Swift’s pop-anthem is packed full of indefatigable energy that just has everyone up and dancing as well as singing along. It’s an absolute blast and has the power to reduce even the straightest of white men into rapturous energy as they sing about their “ex-man” who “brought his new girlfriend” and how they’re just going to “shake it off”. Plus that iconic rap towards the end is what the song builds up to, giving you one true moment to pull it off in style before you become richer than a stripper on a pole, watching the money rain down as everyone offers you metaphorical contracts because your drunk mind has you convinced you killed it better than Swift could. – Sam Pegg

Bonnie Tyler – ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’

I have no musical talent whatsoever, but when ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’ comes on you better expect to hear me singing at the top of my lungs to the incredible Bonnie Tyler tune. The most important part of karaoke is that everyone around you appreciates the song as much as you do, and you can truly guarantee that’ll be the case with this classic. The slow build of momentum to the *necessary* air drumming as the beat kicks in proves the worthiness of this tune, and if you don’t usually pick it as your karaoke song – why not?

Most people will probably think of the moment in Glee when this ballad is bashed out, but if you’ve ever seen the quirky Channel 4 sitcom Lovesick then you’ll realise why this is one of my go-to Karaoke songs. Just search up the scene and you’ll understand. It really is one you can belt out to your heart’s content, and you definitely don’t need to be reading the lyrics when performing, so you can put all your heart and soul into it and give a stellar performance for the crowd watching. – Katie Evans

Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers – ‘Islands in the Stream’

Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers’ ‘Islands in the Stream’ is the best karaoke song out there, not only because of a certain ICONIC Gavin and Stacy moment but also because it’s just a damn good tune! It’s one of those songs that just builds and builds as you sing it, with the opening line being the best example of this; we start slow, with ‘baby when I met you there was peace unknown, I set out to get you with..’ and suddenly Rogers just goes HARD with the PASSION behind ‘.. fine-toothed comb! I was soft inside, there was something going on’, of course, followed by the iconic double guitar strum that is the signature sound of the song.

Not to mention, of course, Queen Dolly is on this track. Anyone who doesn’t want to sing along to a Dolly Parton track as soon as they hear it needs to reevaluate their life choices. ‘Islands in the Stream’ is the perfect karaoke duet, because no matter if you’re Kenny or Dolly, you’re going to have a great time singing it either way! It’s one of those tracks that you just have to give your 100% too. Every rendition of it isn’t just a sing-along; it’s a performance. Alice Fortt

Spice Girls – ‘Wannabe’

This is the ultimate girl group song and you will never escape the feel goodness of the song if you are British. Whether performing on stage or in your bedroom with your pals at a slumber party – you undoubtedly know all the words to this hit. Channel your inner Sporty, Scary, Posh, Ginger and Baby Spice as you sing about girl power and making sure that no relationship comes between you and your friends.

Of course, dressing up as them and then performing is the icing on the cake! However, you will impress us with your skills by rapping the ‘here’s the story from A to Z…’ part perfectly. Oh, and show us your boss dance moves too as you sing as this is your moment to shine. Sing loud and proud; you’ll raise the roof off the place! – Jo Lisney


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