Comedians To Check Out This Summer


As the days grow longer and the sun has its hat on, why not check out some of the incredible comedians that you can catch on streaming services? You know, for those lazy Sundays when you don’t want to move.

Mo Gilligan

I’d be shocked if Mo Gilligan wasn’t on your radar. After his work co-hosting The Big Narstie Show with Big Narstie himself and his more recent appearance as a judge on the UK version of The Masked Singer, the comedian has made quite a name for himself as a stand-up to keep your eyes on. His observational comedy is truly top tier, with his London roots being a foundation for his routines, bringing in elements of life and experiences to amused audiences. His style is goofy but is set to engage you from start to finish, just like his camaraderie with Big Narstie and the interviewees in his late-night show The Lateish Show with Mo Gilligan (2019-).

If you’re looking for a comedy set to watch in the upcoming months then look no further than Gilligan’s brilliant stand-up set Mo Gilligan: Momentum (2019), which was released on Netflix to viewers across the globe! Over its 1-hour runtime, Gilligan’s set explores family and friendship, opening up about his youth through sharp wit and dynamic punchlines. Momentum is guaranteed to make you chuckle at the least, but it’s more likely you’ll be laughing your head off as you witness Gilligan’s attempt at nightclub dancing. – Katie Evans

Nikki Glaser

Ah, Nikki Glaser is not a well-known comedian in the UK unless you have seen the many roast battles over on Comedy Central, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t check her out. Her Netflix special Nikki Glaser Bangin’ (2019) is not for the faint-hearted as she dives deep into what it is like to be a woman, a millennial and be desperately single. From her love life to sex toys, she has got all sorts of cracking jokes up her sleeve.

The best thing about her is that she is brutally honest and sex-positive! Other female comedians are doing similar things, but Glaser talks about casual sex with no shame. She’s proud of her experiences and hey, she really does manage to break down those taboo barriers. Go check out her Netflix special or YouTube her! You will not be disappointed. – Jo Lisney

Katherine Ryan

We could all use a good bit of humour in our lives right now, and one of the best providers of laughs is comedian Katherine Ryan. Most of Ryan’s sketches centre around feminism and the struggles of being a woman, all delivered in a charming Canadian accent. One of the highlights of Ryan’s career, which broke social media, was her response to and shaming of Slowthai’s misogyny at the 2020 NME Awards. However, as a Taskmaster fan, I’ve most enjoyed watching Ryan perform ridiculous tasks and show off her wittiness in a non-stand up manner. If you’d like to introduce yourself to Ryan’s comedy, then this is definitely the place to start! Some of Ryan’s overall highlights include “I was an employee of the month at Hooters” and “any Tesco is a nudist Tesco if you take your clothes off”. Most recently, after appearing on many game TV shows as a guest, Ryan has now launched her own show All That Glitters – a talent show all about jewellery. Be sure to check out Ryan if you’re in the mood for some giggles, with various complications of her funniest moments available to watch on YouTube. – Maddie Lock


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