Upcoming Musicians: Who To Add To Your Gig Bucket List


Southampton is lucky to be the home of some of the best independent music venues, such as The 1865, The Joiners and The Brooks. These venues have become staples of the Southampton music scene and have seen some fantastic upcoming musicians perform such as Ed Sheeran at The Joiners in 2011 prior to his musical success. To celebrate our new magazine ‘New Beginnings’ why don’t you add these upcoming, fresh and new musicians to your gig bucket list!


Brìe is an epic alternative band that has recently released an EP titled BrieP which features lead single ‘Cum8’. They are an excellent band to see live, they have a great time whilst performing and you can tell by their wild antics and amazing crowd interactions. Their music itself is upbeat, wild and just fun, the best thing about Brìe is you can tell they are having a great time both on record and live. They are a band that should be on everyone’s radar.

No Kite

No Kite is a project created by The Edge’s very own Harry Geeves. They have recently released a new EP titled Community Centre. An EP that exudes sad indie boy vibes but also outstanding tracks to listen to during a warm summer’s evening. As of writing this article, they have not performed live yet, but watching their Instagram Lives you can tell they would be an excellent performer to start at your evening at a summer festival!

Edge of Desire

Edge of Desire mix new-age emo, electronic and alternative rock which makes for a remarkable live experience. Their music is emotionally charged and expressive, for example, ‘Know’ is a beautiful rock ballad that is a track that from the recording you can tell will be an amazing song to hear live. Lead vocalist, Dan Fraser, has a beautiful voice and bass guitarist Caleb Hartley is the perfect instrumental addition. They have a lot coming up this summer and are a band that will make waves in the indie music scene.


I was first introduced to Buds. at the Catalina Wine Mixer at The Joiners. They were a superb band that reminded me of the 90s and 2000s pop-punk bands. Their music is incredibly nostalgic and makes you feel like a rebellious teen all over again. Dan, Tom, Zoe and Sonny are amazing performers and don’t let anything stop them! Quite literally Sonny has performed with broken bones and still rocks out (against doctor’s orders). They have recently released a new single ‘Grit’ and are expected to play a lot of gigs across Southampton in the upcoming months!

Maple Sky

For those who love a bit of jazz merged with a pop then Maple Sky is the band for you! I have never seen them live but hearing their tremendous EP Maple Sky, has convinced me that they would be incredible live. Beautiful vocals, smooth bass, and a soft piano – it’s everything a modern jazz fan can ask for. Maple Sky have made jazz cool again and are not to be missed!


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