Collab: Our Favourite Noughties Game Shows


Growing up in the noughties there was always a game show on TV to watch! Sam and Amy look lovingly back at the game shows that epitomised noughties television whilst they were growing up. 

Deal or No Deal

Let’s take it back. You’re pretty young and you’re at your grandparents’ house who have no wifi and only have Freeview cable. What you can watch on the TV are pretty slim pickings yet with that magic that grandparents seem to have, they help create a moment that you’ll remember fondly. No matter what time of day, no matter when you went, Mama and Pops Pegg would always manage to have Deal or No Deal on at least once, and it became as synonymous as the hug and wet kiss Mama would give, or perhaps a stern talking to from Pops. Rather strangely, it was like Noel Edmunds was an unwitting member of the family, the hush in the room and the feeling of anticipation as the family gathered around and watched a display of opening boxes to reveal sums of money. It was one of those magical moments when you can’t help but imagine what you would do if you had that amount of money. The show always generated a buzz of anticipation, fond moments of wondering how money could change your life. Most importantly though, it was one of those rare moments that were idiosyncratic with a visit to my grandparents, and one now steeped in nostalgia and fondness.

Sam Pegg

Jungle Run

Jungle Run was a top-quality TV show for one reason; the stakes were extremely high! Would friends turn on friends? Would the players get trapped in the jungle forever? Would Micheal Underwood be my first ever celeb crush? (Yes).

The episodes consisted of five challenges, one of my favourites being Fort Maze, a game where one player would search a maze for monkey statues with the navigation help of their two friends. The twist? The player had 1 and a half minutes before they were trapped. This is where friendships faltered. The other two could choose to sacrifice a statue to save their friend, but this would mean the loss of precious time. Naturally, this made me think ‘would my friends sacrifice me in the name of greed?’ – I now vet my besties by asking myself this very question. 

If the Jungle King’s sabotaging minions Sid and Elvis hadn’t deterred the contestants, they could win up to 3 minutes 20 seconds inside the Temple Of The Jungle King, where they would collect their treasure. Inside the temple, the players would complete four puzzles to eventually obtain the Golden Monkey. The anxiety-inducing monkey’s screech would signify 10 seconds left before the contestants would become casualties of Jungle Run, however, if they made it out, classic noughties prizes could be won such as games consoles, skateboards, and iPod Nanos!

I loved this classic noughties show because there was so much excitement! It was one of those shows you would be desperate to go on because it looked like major fun! The set was incredibly designed, the bandanas made the players look so cool, and there was an extreme sense of adventure. Who wouldn’t want to test their friendship on a children’s game show?

Amy Scott-Munden


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