Southampton Comedy Society’s ‘Freshers and Alumini Show’ @ The Annex


I was recently treated to a very enjoyable night on behalf of Southampton’s Comedy Society, who are clearly a very fab society because The Annex was absolutely dripping in laughter the whole way through! I often get a feeling of dread watching comics; Will their jokes land? Who will be the first to say c***? Do I ever want to watch stand-up comedy again? (Yes, Ben, Absolutely) In fact, this was better than I expected, and an amazing beginning for my introduction into the comedy world! The jokes were smart, everyone was confident, and it was free! 

Our host for the evening, Ben Heath, confidently entered the stage to some great music and a smoke machine (Shoutout to StageSoc!). One of my favourite things about comedy is when you have a ‘That’s so me!’ moment, and his set was full of them! Big props to Ben who had to be on stage numerous times! He introduced every act and led the improv sections which must have been very tough, but he managed to keep the spirits high and the jokes flowing throughout. 

The first comic to enter the stage was Sadie Stowell, an Alumni who made hilarious jokes about studying engineering! Imagine being a woman in STEM AND funny! Sadie, save some slay for the rest of us! Sadie’s jokes were relatable and quotable, and she was the one my friend and I kept talking about afterwards. Sadie, if you’re reading this, No.1 great outfit and No.2 I want to be your friend! 

Ben then said the dreaded word ‘fresher’. The thought of the second hand embarrassment if this went wrong was enough to make me feel like vomiting. I was scared, but on walked Eden Jack as if he was Peter Kay. Eden’s very first utterances, ‘I like comedy’, was enough to make me full on cackle. He delivered it perfectly and unassumingly hilariously. Eden had a very natural stage presence, and even when he forgot his lines he still managed to keep composure and keep us laughing – it was even made into a running gag throughout the show. His set flowed naturally, and it cums full circle (Take my word for it that this is a hilarious joke that ties in perfectly just please believe me I am also really funny.) 

Next we had improv, which was my favourite part of the night! I was in awe of how quick witted the comics were. They had to work with the craziest subjects such as playing golf in 1872 or a mother and son astronaut who were being sold beauty products! I was in awe of their quick-witted brains. Ryan May-Miller and Eden Jack really stood out in the improv sections, naturally coming to the rescue when ideas were running stale, which was a testament to how well Comedy soc worked together! Not only was improv hilarious, but it showcased a genius to the art of comedy!

Sadie gave me great confidence in Alumni comedy, and Ethan kept up the legacy. Comedy Society has really birthed some great comedians who make being funny look so easy! Ethan made jokes about star signs, which normally carries some kind of sexist mockery to it, so it was refreshing to see Ethan’s originality when it came to the topic. He asked us for our star signs, and gave some absolutely hilarious horoscopes in return. He also had a fantastic delivery thanks to his serious face, perhaps slightly reminiscent of internet star Stephen Tries. I would happily pay to watch a whole set of Ethan’s comedy! 

During the interval, a keyboard was set up to the side of the stage for Ryan May-Miller, who has great eyebrows! Whatsmore, he has great jokes too, even without the keyboard. He sang us two hilarious songs, one informative, one worrying – the best combo! I could’ve mistook Ryan for someone who has been doing professional comedy for years! He kept the momentum of his jokes going, and the atmosphere was absolutely pumping. Stage Society also did a great job with the lighting here, as the stage lit up in hues of oranges and red in time to the music! 

Ben announced the penultimate act, and I was devastated. I didn’t want this evening to end. Alumni Charlie Firth joked hilariously about his new job in sales, and his humour was right up my street; kind of naughty, edging on controversial, and coming with visual aids. Again, I was incredibly impressed with what Comedy soc had produced, and again, I wanted a longer set for Charlie. His material flowed seamlessly, and annoyingly, I was cackling. 

Finally, Rose Pink performed. She stood out as having great energy, and had the crowd applauding, wooping, and laughing at relatable slag jokes! My favourite thing about comedy is the relationship the comic builds with the audience, and Rose did this excellently, although admitting she couldn’t see us, she still involved us and spoke to us as friends. Rose is a great storyteller, and comedy comes very naturally to her. Funny bones, as they say?! 

You’ll be pleased to hear that Comedy Society performs every first Monday of the month at The Hobbit, and I would highly recommend going! I can’t find enough ways to say these people are natural comedians, but they really are! Let go of all your preconceptions of student comedy, and trust me, you’ll be howling. They really are worth the watch.

If you yourself want to get involved, I would also recommend this. All the performers tonight were evidence that the society can brilliantly nurture budding comedians and create a place for self-expression and major lols! Get in touch with @southamptoncomedysociety for more info about their workshops. 



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