Review: Worried About Henry at Printworks in London, Hybrid Minds, 04/03/2023


Worried About Henry (WAH) is known for their hardcore, enigmatic, techno and bass music around the UK with artists such as Chase & Status, Andy C, Shy FX, Hybrid Minds, Wilkinson, Sub Focus, Dimension, and many more that feature. Founded in 2014, Worried About Henry now operates in over 20 cities, bringing multi genre bass line ups to the very best venues across the UK.

Hybrid Minds, a headline Drum and Bass team that recently conquered the world stage with their distinct, melodic DnB sound including top-tier vocalists like Birdy and Charlotte Haining will be the eye for many on the night. Jungle Cakes, bassline legend Skepsis, Friction joins them later in the night along with legendary DnB set from Disrupta.

Arriving at Print works for the first time, it was colder inside than outdoors, so if it is your first time, I’d highly recommend bringing a jumper or two. There was another smaller section, called Inkwells, within the venue dedicated to Garage music which has a variation of DJ’s playing Garage and DnB, with well-known DJ Shosh. As time progressed into the late evening, people were warming up their raving moves ready to anticipate Hybrid Minds. As the lights dimmed and the crowds roared, Hybrid Minds took to the stage at Printworks in London on Saturday night with a bang. The drum and bass duo delivered a captivating performance that left the audience in awe. From the outset, the sound system was pumping out deep, rumbling bass that reverberated throughout the venue, setting the tone for what was to come. As the beats kicked in, Hybrid Minds’ unique blend of soulful vocals and hard-hitting drum and bass rhythms filled the air, sending waves of energy across the dancefloor.

Amrit Kaur

With their signature style of smooth liquid funk and hard-hitting jungle beats, the duo had the entire audience locked in a trance. They expertly mixed classics tracks such as “Touch” with some of their latest releases, including “Lost,” “Drowning in You,” and “Higher Love.” But it wasn’t just the music that made the night memorable; it was also the stunning visual show that accompanied it. The stage was set up like a futuristic spaceship, complete with laser lights flashing at high rates from vibrant colours, and smoke machines that heightened the electrifying atmosphere. The venue consisted of a balcony, and the lights and atmosphere from up there was truly mesmerising, especially during the set of Hybrid Minds.

Amrit Kaur

The highlight of the evening was undoubtedly when they dropped their hit track “Halcyon” (feat. Grimm) towards the end of the set. Whilst I was on the balcony watching from a distance, I was able to appreciate the atmosphere, seeing the crowd closely packed and the place lit up; it was truly incredible. The crowd went wild as the song’s lilting piano chords and soaring vocals washed over them, sending chills down their spines.

Overall, Hybrid Minds’ performance at Printworks was nothing short of breath-taking, along with a range of heavy DnB mixes from other artists, and Garage music, there was a place for everyone to be somewhere and having nothing but an amazing time. Their raw energy, impeccable production, and incredible talent made for an unforgettable night of drum and bass music. It’s fair to say that the band is at the top of their game right now, and their live shows are not to be missed. As a first time experience at a rave event, I’ve definitely grown fonder of this music taste more than before, and undoubtedly felt electrified finally being able to see Hybrid Minds; their music is like no other, and even better live.

Amrit Kaur

The next event is at Dockyards in London, 9th of July 2023, hosted by WAH, with artists like Chase and Status, Hybrid Minds, Wilkinson, Dimension, Friction and more! – Be sure to get your tickets ASAP if you’re interested.


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