Festival Team-up Flashback: Olivia Rodrigo x Lily Allen (Glastonbury 2022)


In 2022 Olivia Rodrigo made her Glastonbury debut after a year of success in the music industry as a new artist. Already forming a solid fan base of pop-punk lovers, she had no means to worry that the audience’s reaction would be anything but euphoric over her lyrics. She had bucket-hat adorned music-loving enthusiasts singing ‘Driver’s Licence’ at the top of their lungs on the shoulders of friends. Thousands of voices joined in with the song she once wrote in her bedroom. 

It was a special set and no doubt a highlight for 19-year-old Olivia at the beginning of her career, however, a significant moment came towards the end when she was joined on stage by Lily Allen. The pair took the opportunity to call out members of the Supreme Court who, the day before, had announced the decision to overturn the Roe V Wade case which ensures the right of women in America to have a safe abortion. Olivia said ‘I’m devastated and terrified. So many women and girls are going to die because of this’. She then proceeded to list the members of the court before going into 2008’s ‘Fuck You’ with the original performer Lily Allen. The initial piano beats were met with cheers from the audience and passionate middle fingers to the stage. This was a performance that ended up reaching millions across the internet with a mix of reactions to the singer’s call out. A controversial statement. A performance for the history books.


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