Preview: Pinkpop, The Netherlands, (07 – 09/06/14)


The oldest festival dedicated to rock music in Europe, so all festival aficionados pay your dues! No portaloo hiccups a la Glasto 2012 or line up issues a la Sonisphere. Now in the Netherlands, Pinkpop has been going strong since the 70s, relentlessly producing unforgettable weekends uninterrupted since its conception all those years ago, earning itself a Guinness world record for this longevity to boot.

Held in Landgraaf, the Netherlands It is usually held on the Pentecost weekend, Pinksteren in Dutch, hence the name ‘Pinkpop’; not to fear guitar lovers, this is no pop-music, Wireless affair. This 45th edition will see headline acts from the perpetual The Rolling Stones, the insatiable Arctic Monkeys and the thrash metal Metallica entertain the crowd from Saturday the 7th to Monday the 9th of June. In between festivalgoers will be preoccupied with the likes of Biffy Clyro (mon the Biff) Haim, Poalo Nutini, Rudimental, Bombay Bicycle Club, Arcade Fire, Jake Bugg, Ed Sheeran and Bastille. More than enough to entice the 60’000 strong crowd out of their tents.

Away from the music Pinkpop has an ace in the hole, showers. Showers people. Now, at festivals overseas this is nothing special, but Brits will be treated with not just a shower, a hot shower. Let that sink in. Any who have braved the likes of Benicassim, Bilbao or Optimus Alive will know of the equal parts pleasure and spine chilling cold of a festival shower. One that involves a dance of jumping in and out, think the hokey pokey and you get the idea. Pinkpop will give you the chance to enjoy the fleeting moments of hygiene.

The festival operates on a token system, so expect many a cigarette for beer trades in the early hours of the morning when you’re out of pocket. These tokens allow for speedier drink runs in-between sets, when you have a tight festival schedule, efficiency is key! Before the music you can take in the hustle and bustle of the arena and its fairground rides, enjoy the designated BBQ areas (no risking your campsite or your life with one, phew) and after the live music you may dance your way into the sunrise with the festivals disco. Much different from any British festival, you are encouraged to clean up after yourself and not leave a bombsite in your wake, a drag perhaps, but fear not, you will be rewarded with souvenirs!

So for a who’s- who of chart topping rock and pop, look no further then southern Holland!

Ticket information can be found here.


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