The Granddads of Pop-Rock Return – Bowling for Soup @ The Guildhall 18/10/11


It’s that time of year again, when Bowling for Soup grace the UK with their silly antics and fun-fuelled pop-rock. Supported by Orange and Suburban Legend, Bowling for Soup are hitting the Guildhall on Tuesday the 18th of October, for what I can guarantee will be a nostalgic night of fun for any in attendance. Admittedly they’re getting on a bit these days, and “the girl all the bad guys want” has probably settled down into a semi-detached with her second husband; but as far as the Bowling for Soup boys seem concerned it’s still “1985”, because for some “high school never ends”…

In all honesty though, their lack of seriousness puts a refreshing twist on some of the uptight acts you might bump into at the Guildhall this year. Their overzealous, man-child approach to life is infectious, so prepare to find yourself laughing unwittingly at some very over the top innuendos and jumping around to hits you haven’t heard since you were ten.

Bearing in mind they’ve been touring since 1994 and are sitting on their eleventh studio album (with a million-odd record sales), Bowling for Soup have a vast repertoire of hits to draw on for the night (though I’d bet my left nut the three I named earlier are on the set list). So if a great live set mixed in with a tonne of laughs sounds like your cup of tea, tickets can be purchased here.



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