Preview: Lostprophets at Southampton Guildhall (2/5/12)


Welsh rock band Lostprophets released in January a series of gigs across the UK and Ireland, including a date with Southampton Guildhall on May 2nd.

The announcement came after snappy new single ‘Better off Dead‘ was offered for free via the band’s Facebook page on January 6th.  The sextet’s fifth studio album, Weapons, was released on April 2nd.

With eclectic rap-ska-fusion origins, after 2004’s breakthrough album Start Something, they quickly established themselves as an anthemic rock band and the soundtrack to the 2006-07 emo craze.  Fans will hope that the band regains its momentum after 2010’s The Betrayed, which was beset by difficulties with labels and producers, not to mention the scrapping of an entire album’s worth of tracks.

Lostprophets have become one of the latest bands to join the debate over the supposed death of guitar music, suggesting that the lack of good guitar music in the UK has been a major driving force behind the new album.


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