12 Dirty Bullets, Lennons (09/11/13)


West Londoners, 12 Dirty Bullets, embark on a UK tour after wowing the US with their fiery and energetic presence.

Writing, producing, composing and mixing everything themselves, this highly underrated band have built up an intensely dedicated fan base in the UK and have since gone on to expand this into mainland Europe and the US.

The band’s debut album Downsides To Making A Living was released through their own label, Fatman Records in 2009 and dubbed ‘a decent, if unremarkable, beginning for a fiery young band’ by a BBC review.

Their second album, Riddles, release in 2012 (also through Fatman Records) shows more depth and complexity than the debut album with enough wit to rival the poetic lines of Alex Turner.

Though they have been called the badder brother of the Arctic Monkeys and have seemingly filled a void left by the likes The Libertines, 12 Dirty Bullets seem focused on writing their own path to musical success.

Witty and intelligent lyrics about the harsh reality of life and an infectious energy coupled with a preference of playing in smaller, local venues, these ‘Punchy, Poetic, Peasants’ are a must see if they turn up in town!

12 Dirty Bullets play at Lennons, Southampton 09/11/13 at 9:30pm. Tickets can be purchased here



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