Preview: Cancer Research Tour, West Quay (22/2/2014)


Music is often used as a means of communication: when things are difficult to articulate, music is able to fill in the gaps. In light of this, on Friday 22nd February there will be a music event outside the Cancer Research shop in West Quay in order to raise awareness of Cancer Research and the work they do.

The event will consist of six acts: Will Dawson, Henry Ley, Jono Ganz, Rory McCarthy, Jack Kerrigan and a duo of Jordan Alexander and Johnny Knapp. Music kicks off at 12:00 and is expected to last until around 4.30pm.

The mastermind behind this music event is Will Dawson. Since discovering that some of his relatives were suffering from cancer he explains “it became about not trying to understand, but trying to do something positive.”

Dawson aims to play 50 acoustic gigs, collecting signatures from everyone who sees him play to put in one giant get well soon card. The reason for doing this is to encourage people to talk about cancer, in an attempt to better understand it.

Organising this event has been far from easy, as Will has faced opposition from the council. Despite this, the music will very much be going ahead on Friday 22nd February. The event is completely free, so you have no excuse not to go!


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