Preview: Suicide Silence at Mo’Club (19/11/2014)


After the huge success of their fourth album You Can’t Stop Me and their return to the music industry after grieving for Mitch Lucker, Suicide Silence seem more positive than ever about the direction their music is taking. Nowhere is this more evident than in the monstrous UK/European tour they’ve decided to organise with legendary deathcore bands Thy Art Is Murder and Fit For An Autopsy, as well as a special treat for the UK in the form of doomcore group Black Tongue.

Hull doomcore outfit Black Tongue also had an album out recently, a redux of their first two EP’s featuring monstrous tracks like ‘Coma’ (which features Matt Jones of Martyr Defiled) and ‘Waste’. This band are one to watch out for, they are changing the face of UK extreme metal with their unique blend of blistering hardcore and rumbling doom tones.

The Californian 5-piece will be stopping off in major cities including Birmingham, Newcastle, Glasgow, Manchester, Leeds, Cardiff, Southampton, and London, before heading over to Europe on the 22nd November.

Suicide Silence’s new tracks are also expected to go off in incredible fashion – appreciation of Hernan “Eddie” Hermida’s incredible scream vocal range has grown exponentially since the release of You Can’t Stop Me and the preceding teasers, but to be able to carry off those vocals not only in the studio but on stage as well is truly something to behold. This is going to be a wild night.

Tickets are available here for £12.37. Doors at 7pm.


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