Preview: One Night Only at The Joiners, Southampton (04/02/2015)


Rock band One Night Only returned with a new single ‘Get Around To It‘ in September 2014 and are going on a UK tour in February, stopping at local venue The Joiners on the 4th February.

One Night Only formed in Helmsley back in 2003 and have been active until around 2010; releasing a Top 10 album Started a Fire in 2008 and another self-titled album in 2010. They had released singles featured in Burberry and Coca Cola campaigns since, but with the latest single, Plasticine, One Night Only is returning to the music scene with a new direction for their third album, currently untitled and yet to have a release date.

Lead vocalist George Craig stated in an interview that they have changed their sound: “There is more of a groove kind of thing, more percussion heavy, more funk. It’s kind of more disco and we have a more mature, intricate sound but still very much that straight down the line catchy chorus pop anthem that we are known for.”

Catch One Night Only on their non-stop 10 date tour, tickets available here.


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