Preview: Attila at Talking Heads (05/03/2015)


Attila’s reputation for crazy tours and jaw-dropping shows precedes them in the USA. Now the band, originally from Atlanta, Georgia, are bringing their infamous lunacy to Southampton’s Talking Heads on the 5th March. The band is fronted by Chris “Fronz” Fronzak who leads his fellow band mates – Chris Linck and Nate Salameh on guitar, bassist Kalan Blehm and drummer Sean Heenan – onto the stage of every show with a no-bullshit attitude.

Attila have become famed for this carefree (notoriously shallow and brash) approach to the metal genre. Critically at least, they haven’t fared well in the past when it comes to conveying this through their music – the five piece deathcore outfit has been active for eight years and released five studio albums. Their most successful album About That Life was met with almost unanimous critical negativity, repeatedly slated for the quality of musicianship, lyrical content, production, etc. It’s not just critics that the Fronz brigade have angered – the Westboro Baptist Church scheduled a protest against the band after the release of About That Life in response to the lyrics of the song ‘Callout’ which eloquently read “Hey, Westboro Baptist Church, fuck you too. Come and protest this dick, faggots.” And yet, Attila’s fans are among the most dedicated under the deathcore genre, avidly defending the Fronz way of life online and turning up in force to every show to support this most hedonistic of bands.

I can say, with all honesty, exactly what to expect from the 5th of March – sweat, booze, chugging breakdowns and language to make the Bible spontaneously combust.

Tickets can be purchased here for £10.85. Doors at 7:30pm.


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