Preview: Lemuria and Dads at The Joiners (04/06/2015)


Hailing from the bright-lights and taxi-clogged streets of New York, Lemuria are visiting Southampton for the first time in three years. Best compared to bands indie like Hop Along and Pixies, Lemuria are sure to provide their audience with a veritable feast of bouncy melodies and energetic guitar riffs. It isn’t hard to deduce that Lemuria pay plenty of homage to original indie New York giants The Strokes.

Math rock trio Dads, on the other hand, are sure to provide an excellent contrast. Also from the North-Eastern Coast, Dads have been going around five years, and have since released three EP’s and two records. Riding off their new-found success with their latest released I’ll Be the Tornado (2014), Dads have teamed up with Lemuria to tour around Europe this spring.

With two such intriguing bands visiting Southampton’s most iconic venue, this seems like the perfect excuse to escape exam hell. Expect an energetic crowd and an equally energetic performance.

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