Preview: Ludovico Einaudi at Bournemouth International Centre


Ludovico Einaudi, the Italian pianist and composer, trained at the Conservatorio Verdi in Milan under composer Luciano Berio in the early 1980s, graduating with a diploma in composition. He spent several years composing for the ballet until he turned a corner in 1996 with the relese of this first collection of solo performances titled Le Onde.

His two next solo albums – Eden Roc released in 1999 and I Giorni released in 2001 – earned him worldwide attention, both remaining best-sellers for years to come. More recently, Taranta Project, a collaborative album, was released in May 2015, and Elements was released in October 2015.

Amongst his most famous songs are ‘Una Mattina’, ‘Nuvole Bianche’, ‘Le Onde’ and ‘Primavera’. He has also written the scores for a number of films and had his music included in the soundtracks. He wrote the music for the trailer of Black Swan, French film The Intouchables, I’m Still Here, the TV miniseries Doctor Zhivago, and Acquario in 1996, for which he won the Grolla d’oro for best soundtrack.

He is currently on tour and will be performing at Bournemouth Internation Centre this Saturday (19th November).

Tickets are available here.


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