Preview: Infinite Surrender at The Annex Theatre, Southampton


Good afternoon. My name is Johann the Spaceman. My hand is long. My tooth is shiny. And today I am here interviewing Matt Stanley and Jacob Power, the director and producer of Southampton Comedy Society’s upcoming sketch and improv show, Infinite Surrender.

What is Infinite Surrender?

MS: Infinite Surrender is the story of one comedy robot fighting for his life. His weapon: comedy. His fighting styles: sketch and improv. His name: Toothmouth the Comedy Robot.

Where is Infinite Surrender and how the devil do I come to it?

JP: It’s on at the Annex Theatre for two nights only: Friday and Saturday this week. Doors at 7:30, starts at 8. You can buy tickets on the door. You can reserve them online, just to be safe.

MS: £7 for adults, £6 for students, £5 for members of Performing Arts societies.

JP: Thank you.

MS: Don’t mention it.

JP: You can also buy a lovely programme for a quid.

What can people expect from Infinite Surrender?

MS: I am so glad that you asked. They can expect laughter, action and suspense. They can expect heart surgeons. They can expect lights and ladders. They can expect foibles, frigates and fence-posts.

JP: They can expect the best comedy show that anyone in this Galaxy has ever seen, and the second-best if you include the Andromeda Galaxy, which hosted Colonel Belvedere’s Pastoral Comedy Revue, which frankly wipes the floor with us. They can expect Texan cereal mascots, attempted lettuce-swallowing and human drinks dispensers. They can expect origami, romance, garlic bread, Dons, boy bands and nightstands. They can expect the entire contents of Toothmouth’s comedy database. Oh, and gameshows. Lots of gameshows.

MS: That’s right, Jacob. They can expect all these things, and more…

JP: More!

MS: More!

JP: More!

MS: More!

Albert Einstein: More!

Angelic Chorus: Moooooore!!

Infinite Surrender runs at the Annex Theatre on Friday 3rd and Saturday 4th March. Tickets can be reserved here.


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