Preview: Milk Teeth at the Joiners, Southampton


Milk Teeth are a British punk rock band, a four piece formed in May 2013. They were signed to Hopeless Records in 2015, and then Roadrunner Records this year. Their album, Vile Child, debuted in January 2016 and the band have since announced a new EP, Be Nice, set to release this July.

Vile Child is 12 tracks of punk, grunge, and emo; Milk Teeth are a band who refuse to settle into one genre, and whilst this can be a bit of a dangerous road to take it has worked, more or less, for Milk Teeth. Tracks such as ‘Brain Food’ and ‘Cut You Up’ don’t offer much into the world of contemporary hardcore, but the grungey-pop vibes of tracks such as ‘Swear Jar’ are better examples of the band’s capabilities. Having seen them live when supporting Southampton based punk band Creeper, it is clear Milk Teeth enjoy playing live, they have a good energy on stage and interaction with the crowd.

Milk Teeth will be playing on August 3rd this year at the Joiners with support from Employed To Serve, and Wallflower. Employed To Serve describe themselves on their Facebook page as a ‘nasty hardcore’ band from Woking signed to Holy Roar Records. Wallflower are a South London based rock band.

Tickets are available here.


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