Preview: Trash Boat at The Talking Heads, Southampton


Trash Boat is a British five piece pop punk band that is far from your generic pop punk band. These guys are absolute gold for the UK Pop Punk scene – formed in St Albans back in 2014 the band have already signed on to Hopeless Records and released an album, Nothing I Write You Can Change What You’ve Been Through, in June of 2016.

If you expect the usual hopelessness about heartbreak and escaping your hometown, you’re going to be pretty surprised by Trash Boat. Sure they include all the elements of what makes a pop punk band, making music about loneliness and being lost, but they haven’t simply stopped there. They dared to expand their sound, incorporating screams and notes of hardcore, with some brutally angsty lyrics and beefy guitar solos.

The diversity of their sound means they haven’t had to fight much for their rightful space in the UK pop punk scene, an ever-growing scene at that.

Just after their Australian tour supporting Trophy Eyes (with some of their own headline shows) in August, Trash Boat are headlining a UK tour with support from Broadside and Homebound.

Broadside, another pop punk band, are signed to Victory Records and in 2015 were listed on Alternative Press’ 100 Artists You Need To Know. They formed in 2010 and released their debut self-titled EP Far From Home. In June 2017, they released their second studio album Paradise which received glowing reviews across the board. It lacks the aggression from their first album, but it still has meaning and power. It’s a true fun, summer-pop-punk album that’ll have you booking flights to Warped Tour and buying everyone’s records on vinyl.

Homebound are a four piece contemporary pop punk band making leaps and bounds in the scene with their release of The Mould You Build Yourself Around via Rude Records.

Grab your friends, buy some pizza, this is set to be the hottest Pop Punk UK tour in a long time.

See these guys at the Talking Heads in Southampton on Sunday 17th September, tickets are available here.


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