Preview: Newton Faulkner at The Old Fire Station, Bournemouth


With 2017 seeing the release of the British singer-songwriter’s sixth studio album Hit The Ground Running, Newton Faulkner is solidifying his position as one of the most loved and innovative artists in the British indie/folk-rock scene. This year also marks ten years since Faulkner released his debut album Hand Built By Robots, a sunny and vibrant album that transports the listener to a warm summers day no matter the time of year.

The last decade has seen Faulkner grow as an artist, with Hit The Ground Running and his 2015 album Human Love showing a mature and humble outlook with traces of his youthful spirit from his earlier work ever-present. Starting out as part of a Green Day cover band having attended both the Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts and the Academy of Contemporary Music, he finally got to live his dream and play Johnny in the musical American Idiot (based on songs by Green Day) in 2016.

He began playing the guitar when he was 13 and is known for his creatively percussive guitar playing, often providing the beats for his songs by knocking the sides of his guitar whilst playing, rendering his music a creative marvel far off the beaten track. When it comes to his live shows he tends to perform solo despite there being many other instruments and musical elements in the recorded versions of his songs, meaning that his percussive playing style is prominent throughout his performances. Faulkner is enjoying a career of modest success. It is clear that he makes music that he loves with messages and themes that are important and personal to him, with every album taking the listener on a journey.

Whether its the optimistic and imaginative thrill ride of Hand Built By Robots, the coming-of-age journey of Write It On Your Skin or the ethereal dream of Human Love, Newton Faulkner’s vast discography is nothing short of an adventure. Hit The Ground Running being the latest chapter in his journey, it will be interesting to discover his relationship with these new songs, what drove him to go in this direction and what the future holds for him.

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